I have not commented on the devastating disaster that has completely destroyed a country that already was sitting on the precipice because I was not sure exactly what my thoughts were on the situation.  The main and foremost thought is just an utter sense of sorrow for a people, particularly the children, that find themselves struggling to survive in the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake that has destroyed nearly every building on the island.  Hundreds of thousands are presumed dead and millions are homeless.  This is an opportunity for humanity to reveal their truly charitable sides and most people have done just that.

But there are several questions that must be answered.  The first question is what is America’s responsibility in this Haiti tragedy?  The President has promised $100 million dollars in aid with a further promise of more to come in the future.  How exactly is a nation in the middle of a horrible economy, in debt for decades to come and struggling to gain financial stability suppose to fulfill that promise?  And how can we be sure that the money is not wasted?  The government has never collected large sums of money without wasting most of it as we have seen with the Porkulus Bill, Social Security, MediCare, MediCaid, Amtrack, Omnibus Bills and etc.  A corrupt country like Haiti has never received funds that have not been used to benefit the government rather than the people.  Even many charities have proved in the past to be irresponsible like The Red Cross, a group that will never get another dime from myself.

Why is it that America is always expected to bail everyone else out and yet the world continues to hate us for the illusion that we are prosperous?  (Yes, it is an illusion when considering we are a debtor nation.)  We give millions to the United Nations.  Is this not the U.N.’s place to secure these devastated nations and provide relief?  Charities were already on the ground in Haiti and are the organizations that make the difference.  Why does the President send funds that come from taxpayers when Americans already will give until it hurts to charities for Haitian Relief?  This merely becomes a political play for the President.

Is it the responsibility of our military to be “Meals On Wheels” for these people?  I think it is charitable of our nation to lend the efforts of our military in the first couple of weeks to help keep peace and distribute aid until more infrastructure can be formed, but this Haitian scenario will play out with our troops there for months and possibly years as we again try to nation build.

What is the goal for Haiti now?  This nation has been a nation that the world has continued to prop up.  They do nothing for themselves to bring in revenue and one corrupt government after another runs the country holding the people down while it lives high on the hog.  The stark difference between the Presidential palace and the sheds that make up the housing units for most Haitians is an example of this corruption.  The absolute deviation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which share the same island, reveals the difference between an entitlement state and a more prosperous state.  Haiti has become the welfare case for every nation that cares.  Many have ridiculed China and India for their paltry donations of one million dollars each to the recovery effort, but perhaps they know better.  Well, maybe in India’s case , but China is an example of Communist callousness.

If I were President, and I obviously will never be in that position due to my political incorrectness alone, I would send a goodwill offering of $10 million dollars along with military support for one month.  I would not encourage Americans to give, but merely thank them for the generosity I already know they are demonstrating.  This asinine effort of sending former presidents Bush and Clinton out to wrangle donations is just another political play.  Let us keep politics out of this.  And the upcoming Hollywood Extravaganza will make me positively ill.  I commend Hollywood-types like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock for their million dollar donations, but do the American people really need these self-absorbed libtards begging us to send money to their charities of choice?  As I said, the Red Cross will never get another dime from me, nor will Unicef or anything connected to the United Nations.

The best thing we can do for the Haitian people is ignore Pat Robertson and his lunacy and pray for these people.  Many of them are believers and only God can really raise these people above their circumstances.  No amount of money can fix what is broken in Haiti – history has proven that for decades.


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