Obama Fumbles On Security Address

I am now convinced that our President has an inability to be sincere.  Oh sure, he says all the right things like the buck stops with him, but does anyone really believe the Panty-waist In Chief is going to protect us?  He revealed during his first year in office that the main responsiblity of the federal government, the security of the national, was inconsequential to him.  He pushed forward a domestic agenda that even left our ill economy waiting on the back burner.  And now we are to believe that he is serious about this business of “war”.  At least he finally realized that we are in a war here.  Not sure where he has been for the past nine years, but at least he has caught up now.

Obama said, “First, although our intelligence community had learned a great deal about the al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen — called al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula — that we knew that they sought to strike the United States and that they were recruiting operatives to do so — the intelligence community did not aggressively follow up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence related to a possible attack against the homeland.”  I guess Ft. hood was not enough to put their focus on Yemen.  The first terrorist attack during his presidency that occured in Arkansas went ignored as well, which should have garnered some kind of focus towards terror.  This BVD Bomber attack on Christmas was strike three.  That means you are out, Mr. President.  This is a final warning for your ineptness, do not let it happen again or those tanking approval ratings will be so low, they’ll be buried.

Here are the President’s new steps for action:

“First, I’m directing that our intelligence community immediately begin assigning specific responsibility for investigating all leads on high-priority threats so that these leads are pursued and acted upon aggressively — not just most of the time, but all of the time.  We must follow the leads that we get.  And we must pursue them until plots are disrupted.  And that mean assigning clear lines of responsibility.  (What?!  We were not doing this already?!  If that were the truth, then we would not have been without an attack on our soil during the Bush years.  You are the one’s who have screwed up here.  You have defunded and not placed any importance on the Overseas Contingency Operation that has been causing man0made disasters.)

Second, I’m directing that intelligence reports, especially those involving potential threats to the United States, be distributed more rapidly and more widely.  We can’t sit on information that could protect the American people.  (Again, is this really how seriously the intelligence community took 9/11?!  Something is fishy here.)

Third, I’m directing that we strengthen the analytical process, how our analysis — how our analysts process and integrate the intelligence that they receive.  My Director of National Intelligence, Denny Blair, will take the lead in improving our day-to-day efforts.  My Intelligence Advisory Board will examine the longer-term challenge of sifting through vast universes of intelligence and data in our Information Age.   

And finally, I’m ordering an immediate effort to strengthen the criteria used to add individuals to our terrorist watchlists, especially the “no fly” list.  We must do better in keeping dangerous people off airplanes, while still facilitating air travel.”

I am sure that TSA will make sure that Joan Rivers remains on the no-fly list.  What we did not here from the illustrious leader is that he is fire everyone from the top down and putting new people in who understand how to do the job and will not follow in the footsteps of our leader by remaining on vacation when we suffer a terrorist attack on our soil.  And the fumbling continues…


One response to “Obama Fumbles On Security Address

  1. Everything Obama said, we are already supposed to be doing. He made his speech, then the next day his administration wanted to “put it behind them” and move on to “health care, economy, and jobs.”

    Haven’t they already been doing that? With no positive results.

    As Lawrence Auster said in his article “The empty black suit at war”:

    “But it’s all empty motions intended to create the appearance that he’s on the job–the job of defending America from its enemies.”

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