Obama Perpetuates Farce In Copenhagen

I just got done listening to the illustrious one blather about the farce of man-made global warming.  He, of course, was careful to speak about climate change exclusively without confirming that climate change is naturally occurring and that little human beings cannot do anything about that.  He began by declaring that this is “not fiction, it is science.”  Which science?  The science that we know has been studied under fraudulent means?  When will Obama start paying attention to truth and stop perpetuating lies?

Obama declared that we are in Copenhagen because we are committed.  Who is committed?  I know people who believe this bullcrap should be committed.  He continued by saying, “For while the reality of climate change is not in doubt…”  He should have ended that sentence with something like, there is nothing we can do.  He used verbage like “hangs in the balance”, “we can act boldly and decisively”, “millions of new jobs will be created”, and “climate change poses risk to security.”

The only applause he received during his speech came when he said that he comes “not to talk, but act.”  Of course, that means to the world that he comes to pay up.  He reiterated Hillary’s promise to contribute to the $100 billion climate fund, but threatened that agreements must be made by everybody.  I could applaud that if I believed we should be doing that at all.  He promised we will reduce greenhouse gases by 17% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.  So everybody stop breathing now and as for the water vapor that is the main gas, I’m not sure what we can do.

Obama spoke in veiled language about the global treaty claiming that we need an accord and need to hold each other accountable.  There needs to be a “mechanism to review” and that it needs to be transparent.  He claimed that this would not destroy sovereignty.  Hmm…has he been listening to Lord Mocknton?  We are running short on time, he warned.  The time for talk is over.  He declared his main points to be mitigation, transparency and financing.

What a joke!  Obama speaking about transparency.  Yo, oh great one, then where is the ReidCare bill?  Obama speaking about financing sends me into fits of giggles as well.  With what money?  We overstepped our debt ceiling two nights ago.  If Congress does not raise the ceiling, no social security checks are going out.  And have you seen your bloated deficit lately, Mr. President?  This Copenhagen farce is just another avenue for Obama and his ilk to destroy America, which has been the plan from the start.


One response to “Obama Perpetuates Farce In Copenhagen

  1. Right on! If anyone out there has not seen the movie The Obama Deception, I would encourage you to watch it, copy it, which is encouraged by the producers, and pass it to others. This Copenhagen elitist party is just another example of the Bildenburg group, who put Obama in power to further the one world government cause. The only time that is short is to stop these people from destroying our way of life.

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