Clinton Promises U.S. Will Help Save The Planet

…or at least pay the bills for the rest of the world.  Who cares that white out conditions in Copenhagen are keeping those flat-earther. global warming deniers off the streets.  The time for America to step to the plate and pay for their pollution sins is now and Hillary Clinton, our illustrious Secretary of State, has promised the world that America will support the $100 billion climate protection fund.  Let me guess, America pays $99 billion and the world coughs up the rest?  Just so long as everything is fair because we know that social justice means everything is fair.

What a crock!  Giving money to poor nations does not clean up the planet or reduce pollutants in the air.  This is blackmail to the highest degree or at best, coercion.   These under developed nations will not promise to meet carbon caps unless America pays up.  And the fact that all of this is based on the complete fraud of man-made global warming seems to be lost on everyone.  Or perhaps they are just ignoring the most snow Copenhagen has seen at this time of the year in decades, the exposed emails regaling the tales of cover-ups, NASA admitting they have cooked the books and the recent revelations out of Russia that they have produced fraudulent results as well.

Just as this climate change summit appeared to be unravelling with protestors abounding and the coordinator stepping down from her position, Hillary Clinton made the following statement, “The US is prepared to work with other countries toward a goal of jointly mobilizing $100 billion a year by 2020 to address the climate change needs of developing countries.”  Barack Obama is also on the way in his fossil fuel burning Air Force One plane to save the day.  I expect he will promise what no one in America has agreed to as of yet and that is Crap & Tax.  I should not say “no one” because PlastiGirl and her minions passed that garbage out of the House.

Clinton revealed that the US would focus on saving the rainforests because that is an easier way to manipulate money from the American people.  Well, she did not put it exactly that way, but I knew what she meant.  So I wonder if India and China are on board finally?  I am sure China who sees a chance to rise above America in global standing and become the supreme Super Power will be all too happy to join us.


One response to “Clinton Promises U.S. Will Help Save The Planet

  1. Obama’s game is just about over. These fools are going to push so hard, they will leave us with no choice but to push back, and when that happens…Obama will be a stain on a sidewalk somewhere. Of course, his masters will likely give him up to hide themselves, but it’s too late. Real Oath Keepers know WHO and WHAT the problem is. If you don’t, you need some Basic Training.

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