Government Option Morphs Again

News outlets have been running reports since last night that the Senate has come to an agreement to take the government option out of their version of ObamaCare.  I have not believed that for a minute because of the history with this healthcare insurance reform they have been cramming down our throats.  First and foremost, let us be honest.  MediCare and MediCaid are a government option, so expanding those programs represents an expansion of government run healthcare.  The Senate bill now expands MediCare coverage to people 55 and older.  That will add millions of people to a MediCare program that stands to go bankrupt in the very near future.

The Senate plan also has a tentative new compromise that includes a private insurance arrangement that would be supervised by the same federal agency that oversees the healthcare plan that legislators receive.  If you have a federal agency supervising a private arrangement (oxymoron?) that is a government run option.  They really do think we are that stupid.

Nothing is set in stone and these reports are early, but we will not be fooled.  Perhaps this has been released as “tentative” so that our reactions could be gauged.  I warn any Republican who votes for anything coming out of the Senate in regards to healthcare, that they will be on the fast track to returning to non-governmental life.  The Democrats are already gone.


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