Tiger Woods’ Mistresspalooza

I usually do not discuss much on tabloid fodder here at Freedom’s Wings, but as more women pop out of the woodwork (was that a bad choice of words?) I find myself giving our society a hard look.  It comes as no surprise that a rich, world-famous and good-looking athlete has been stepping out on his wife and at a pace that would make George Clooney jealous.  What I take issue with is how our society seems to be dealing with an individual that appears to have the moral compass of pond scum.  And I do believe that Tiger Woods is pond scum.

Our society bellows against gay marriage and yet seems to take no issue with an individual that does not value marriage.  I have been faithful to my partner for over fifteen years now and that is without the benefit of a certificate or the embrace and support of society.  And yet, I have heard interview after interview of local golfers here in Florida and people around the nation asking them their opinion on Mistresspalooza (I claim creation rights to that -ha) and these men and WOMEN just shrug their shoulders and claim that it does not change their opinion of him and that it is a private matter.  I am sorry, this is not a private issue when this pond scum makes money off of endorsing products he wants me to buy and when he is world-famous and supposedly a person that kids look up to.  Not to mention that he is the reason why golf has made such a comeback.

And speaking of endorsements, Nike, Gatorade and Gillette have all come forward and stated that they are sticking by their man.  As if Tiger Woods is the victim?!  Why do contracts have moral clauses anyway?  I do not buy any of those products anyway, but I would think long and hard before I did as long as they continue to stick by their man.  This kind of behavior should be shamed to the point that Tiger Woods would have a hard time ever playing golf again because of the letter A on his back.  This man not only has no consideration for women, treating his wife this way and using mistresses like prostitutes (what would you call it if he had paid them immediately after having sex with them?) but he has no consideration for his children.  Tiger’s father seems to have been a beautiful man whom Tiger proudly shared with all of us.  His children sure are going to have a father to be proud of in the future when they learn the truth.

Unfortunately, the reaction to Tiger Woods’ infidelity reflects more on what America has become than on Woods himself.  A society that pulls prayer, nativities, the Ten Commandments and God from the center square really should not have more expected of them I suppose.  And although I do not support gay marriage, I guess I will have to continue to endure how my relationship is so sinful and dangerous to the family, while people like Tiger Woods are continued to be held up and forgiven even when they have not asked for it or done anything to deserve redemption.

Wonder how the One feels about that cover of Golf Digest he did with Tiger Woods?  That comes out this week I believe.


9 responses to “Tiger Woods’ Mistresspalooza

  1. Yes his endorsements will stay with him because he SELLS. The viewership of golf tournaments plummets when Tiger is injured and not playing. They will make money by continuing to support him.

    What I don’t get is his wife staying with him after all this. What kind of marriage did they have before and what kind can they have in the future?

  2. I was just astounded when all this began coming out. But,as you said, it is tabloid fodder.

  3. It is our typical double standard. Men lead with their penises and we are supposed to stand behind them as they go on Oprah and boo-hoo to the world that they have an addiction (you watch him show up there). I’m sick of this behavior from those who are supposed to be setting examples for our children. Shame on him. And if his sponsors don’t drop him – it will be a cold day in Hell before I use any of their products – not that I would anyway, but that’s beside the point. This is almost as outrageous as Obama trying to remove the nativity from the White House this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to erect a minaret on top of the Capitol building next. Sorry getting off topic. The world will forgive Tiger like they forgave Bill Clinton and the thousands of others like them. Grrrrr. Stupid men.

  4. Pro-Sexual Equality now!!!

    I thoroughly agree. He should be picking trash up alongside Chris Brown stain. There should
    be a ban on gillette etc. Religion is such a veil
    of b.s. and harbors deception. The rapture???
    I am hetero however I proudly support sexual equality. However with politicians suffering from vertigo and their only ability is to look at the elite and where the $$$ comes from we all will be suffering this duress for some time.

  5. Kat O'Republican

    This is my first time on your blog spot and you and I agree on a lot of things. However, I must disagree with you about how society is dealing with Woods! He has pretty much been pummelled. He has lost most of his contracts with those companies that looked up-to him.
    Bottom line, Adultry and homosexuality, are not of God’s Plan, but neither is drug addiction or cursuing. All of these are sins which require Forgivness. None of these sins is greater than the other.

  6. Kat O'Republican

    Actually, you brought up homosexuality – “Our society bellows against gay marriage”. All I was pointing out is BOTH lifestyles are NOt as-it- was- to-be in the bible. What makes us believe adultry is bad? What makes us think Murder is bad in our society? Of course, our Morals and the United States Constitution. Keep in mind that the Founding Fathers of this Land used Judea Christian Beliefs to constuct the Laws of this Land (USA). Many people who lived in other lands who wanted to live with this government and it’s beliefs, borded ships to come here. Now, not even a few generations later, we are trying to undo their work. Why? It is my understanding that those other countries who do not use such beliefs, laws, morals, or whatever you want to call them, are still there. Maybe, we should have some ships called to port to take those persons who do not like this land, and move them back to their land – one in which matches their lifestyle. Then all will be good in the world. :o)

    • I agree that America haters should head to the socialistic country of their choosing. I am Christian so I agree with your sentiments about the decline of American society. What is great about America is the freedom it affords us to live the life we choose to live. It is not a Theocracy and we would not want it to be one.

  7. Kat O'Republican

    I totally agree! We do not want a Theocracy! This is probably a good place to ask this question! If people call themselves “Liberals” which is described in the dictionary as being free with no restrictions, then why do they want soo much government??? Liberal & Government should not be in the same sentance. While “Conservatives” want the least amount of government. Doesn’t it boggle your brain a bit? It is like an Oxymoron!

    • Historically speaking, liberals were the ones for more liberty and less government. That is why some people refer to themselves as classical liberals. This is also probably why liberals are switching to Progressive, which doesn’t make much sense either since they apparently want to move us backward.

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