No Chamber Of Commerce At Jobs Summit

Anyone with common sense knows that it is small business that creates the most jobs in America, where free enterprise used to reign supreme before government intrusion into the free market happened.  The champion of small businesses is the United States Chamber of Commerce.  One would think that a large jobs summit hosted by the President would definitely include the Chamber.  But today’s Jobs Summit to be held at the White House will not include the Chamber.  They were not invited and there is no doubt as to the reason why: they are being punished.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been working vehemently against ObamaCare.  This makes sense since it is widely known and just plain common sense that ObamaCare will hurt small businesses.  The Chamber has even put together a Healthcare Toolkit.  For nearly a year, the Chamber has been releasing PDF files that evaluate healthcare reform issues and that critique the various bills coming out of both the House and the Senate.  And the Chamber began running an ad campaign back in June for both print and television.  The Chamber has written Op-eds, sent letters to the Hill and made multiple television appearances.  It has been an all out offensive against ObamaCare.

Also not invited to the farcical summit is the National Federation of Independent Business, which was also critical of ObamaCare.  So who is invited to the summit?  Only the people who agree with the President’s policies and liberal economists who have been wrong at every turn when it comes to the American economy thus far.  And who has agreed with the President?  Union leaders, environmental advocates and executives from Google and other blue-chip firms, of course.  Disney’s Bob Iger has also been invited, which leaves me a bit stumped.  Disney has had a hiring freeze for months now and has preferred to work employees six days a week, rather than hire new employees.  Not sure what Iger will be able to contribute there.  Unless the President plans to threaten these leaders to start hiring?

The Washington Times is reporting:

“He’s going to get lots of recommendations to spend more money,” said Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. “These are the very same people who gave us the stimulus package. My feeling is we’re not going to get what we need, and that’s a complete change in direction on economic policy.”

A spokeswoman for the White House would not comment for the record on the format or how the list of participants was drawn up. A full list of attendees is expected to be released Thursday.

More federal spending to generate jobs is a likely subject at Thursday’s summit given that guests will include economists such as Paul Krugman, who has argued that the first stimulus package was not large enough. Likewise, chiefs of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute, both of whom are slated to be in attendance, have called for more federal dollars to aid states experiencing budget shortfalls.

“My chief concern is that the list features no serious and prominent labor economist, which seems essential to offering a sound, long-run policy to put us on a path of lower unemployment,” said John Coleman, an economics professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Representatives from NFIB and the Chamber of Commerce said their organizations were not asked to attend, but representatives from some of the country’s largest unions, Change to Win and the United Steelworkers, will participate.

The Chamber has sent a list of recommendations for the President, but i expect those will be found in a dumpster behind the White House, right beside the Constitution.


One response to “No Chamber Of Commerce At Jobs Summit

  1. This is the problem with the twits we have in power, the thought never crosses their blank minds that they should invite organizations that have actually helped create jobs to a job summit! It is sad to think we have put this man in power with his cronies. I am sure the Obama Administration will also be falling over the new job numbers out for November, showing that the jobless rate has dropped 0.2% ,, and im sure we will need another, BIGGER stimulus package to continue this “progress” in our economy! LOL!

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