Huckabee Gave Cop Killer Clemency

Now dead and burning in Hell, cop killer Maurice Clemmons was granted clemency by Mike Huckabee when he was governor of Arkansas.  Not only will this prove to be problematic if Huckabee plans to run for the presidency in 2012, but it has shined a light on his clemency records.  Apparently, the good “conservative” Governor granted more clemencies than any of his three predecessors…combined.

I have always had issues with this ability for governors and presidents.  If someone was given a sentence by their peers, then they should serve out that sentence unless the appeals process works in their favor.  That is why we have an appeals process.  Our leadership are fallible people and the Clemmons case is not an isolated case.  This one just gained national prominence because of the heinous execution style shootings of four police officers.

To his credit, Gov. Huckabee has taken responsibility for the situation and apologized telling Bill O’Reilly last night, “If I could have known nine years ago that this guy was capable of something of this magnitude, obviously I would have never granted a commutation. It’s sickening.”  This probably will be the nail in Huckabee’s bid for the presidency and I am glad for that because I would not have supported him.  He is not a true conservative.  Candidates seem to think that no one will look at their records and will just take them at their word.  I really do not care who you claim to be now.  I look to your actions.

The silver lining in this story is that Maurice Clemmons is dead and we will not have to waste money trying him for the crime and  feeding and caring for his sorry a$$.


3 responses to “Huckabee Gave Cop Killer Clemency

  1. Another silver lining is the end of the career of Mike Suckabee. I didn’t know they had found clemmons and shot him thanks for the news. Just getting up and checking out blogs since I wouldn’t trust the lamestream media as far as I could throw them.

  2. While I might agree in principle with Huckabee’s view about restorative justice, typical of many of his Baptist ilk we only lets out the high profile cases as demonstrated here that are good for his image (although this time it exploded in his face and has likely destroyed his carefully crafted image that his minions robotically follow).
    If he and his ilk would put their actions where their moths are they would help those convicted of minor crimes that are often trumped up and that (& more importantly) their life since this point in time has proven their intentions to get their life in order (which of coarse Maurice Clemmons had no such intention long before his pure evil soul revealed itself in Washington). I personally have a family member that has had his life destroyed by persons that could help him with clearing his name of a minor crime 15 years ago but looked the other way at his and other’s requests. Sadly one of the persons that could have helped was also a Baptist Pastor that knew the truth but was also all words and know substantive actions other than what kept up his image.

    See a post of mine almost two years ago where I saw through Huckabee and his minion:

  3. I never cared much for Huckabee. It seemed obvious that he would run again in 2012. I hope perhaps this will be a big negative for him. I hope as you say this will be the nail in his campaign. I could never understand why he had such a following in the previous campaign. Again as you say he is not a true Conservative.

    Listening to him on his TV show only confirms my negative opinion of him.

    Yes, criminals should serve every bit of their time and in this case it is good he won’t be tried again.

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