Progressives Push Only Their Free Speech And Free Press

I always find it amazing how the Progressives, who are suppose to be moving us forward with progress I think, allow only free speech and free press if it is their free speech or opinions they agree with.  We witnessed this throughout the summer as they attacked Tea Party attendees, shut us out of townhalls and regularly attacked conservative commentators.  Obama seems to have his own version of Woodrow Wilson’s American Protective League on the Progressive side of the aisle.  The mainstream media continues to shill out progressive ideology and attacks on conservatives as they ignore leaked emails that prove global warming to be a farce and ignore the corruption inside of groups like ACORN and even the corruption within the Democrat Party.

The scandals of the century have taken place over the past year.  It has been amazing to watch them all unfold from the previously mentioned ACORN and global warming scandals to the people that are part of the Obama administration like Mao-loving Anita Dunn and Marxist Van Jones.  And which news organization has brought all of this darkness into the light?  FOX News, of course.  There has been a concerted effort to shut down FOX News and now there is a new drive to replace FOX programming.  Marxist website BuzzFlash has started this intiative to stifle free speech and free press.  Here is the pledge they are asking their moonbat followers to take:

I promise to actively work to have FOX “News” replaced with other programming whenever I see it aired. In public settings, I will seek to influence businesses to change the channel. As a BuzzFlash FOX guerilla protestor, I will do my best to decease the growing and pernicious presence in public settings of a television station that undermines American democracy and basic civility.

And their reason for having this kind of drive is:

Take the pledge! Stop the spread of the FOX cancer by getting it turned off in public places: such as pubs, doctor’s offices, airports and restaurants. Become an ambassador to decrease the influence of FOX’s misinformation and propaganda. This is BuzzFlash’s first advocacy project and we need a national guerilla squad of individuals who will join us in various strategies to stop the spread of FOX into public settings. In the coming months, we’ll be advising you on how to ask nicely to change the news channel, leave flyers warning people about FOX “News” damaging brain cells, and many more strategies to come, including a device that can turn TV sets off from up to 50 feet away!

Sounds like a Marxist Utopia to me.  Only let the people hear what we want them to hear.  There can be no freedom for people to make up their own minds.  There can be no fairness and balance, except if we are talking the wealthy, then we need fairness and balance with everybody bordering on poverty so they look to us for all their needs and keep us in power.  Unless you are truly a Marxist, how can you support this kind of behavior?  This is not American.  America is about liberty.  We do not shut down the Marxist.  We let them blather on like the idiots they are – mainly because they dig their own graves.  History proves that only freedom works.  Totalitarian regimes always fall.  Empires crash.  People are starved or slaughtered within Marxism.  Only freedom allows people to be prosperous.  Only freedom allows the opportunity for success.


3 responses to “Progressives Push Only Their Free Speech And Free Press

  1. Great article Ms.Diane, very nice job at claryfying the difference between Capitalism and Marxism. These BuzzFlash people are moronic human beings on every front and they offer no real hope to America’s future.

  2. Hi Diane,

    Great post! It’s one of the most puzzling thing about so-called liberals/progressives: their fierce anti-free speech stance. So glad you pointed it out. I linked to this post on my blog today in my Pup’s Picks.

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