Glenn Beck’s Plan From The Villages

Glenn Beck announced this past week that he had formulated a plan to take back America and that he would be sharing it at his book signing at The Villages on Saturday (today).  So I made my way north and brought the Geritol with me.  It was a beautiful day in The Villages as they say.  Glenn arrived a little before four eastern time and was met by an energetic crowd of what I would estimate to be about 6,000 people.  There possibly were more, but I could not see the entire crowd.  The center square where Glenn held his rally is the same one that hosted Sarah Palin during the campaign.  It is an internal park area, but is surrounded by streets and sidewalks, which people had spilled out onto.  They only issued 2,000 wristbands for the book signing and I was one of the lucky recipients.

Glenn gave a stirring and passionate speech and laid out an outline of the plan he has for us to take back America.  It is a 100 year plan and he pointed out the reason that his plan is set against so many years is that it took us a long time to get here and will take much time to dismantle the Progressive structure around us.  After all, we have just made the first step of finally having the opportunity to audit the Fed, so the idea that we could abolish it overnight is unrealistic.

Glenn has assembled a large team of experts broken into groups of three according to each area of expertise, for example there are money experts and community organizing experts.  Glenn is breaking the country into seven regions and each region will host a convention that will be a full day or possibly a weekend of education about our history and the different areas of expertise.  The first convention will be held in Orlando on March 27th.  For the other regions, Glenn is setting up an area on his site for people to vote which city in each region they would like to have host the next convention.

These conventions will culminate in a huge gathering at the feet of Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC on August 28th.  Glenn is hoping to have several thousand, I am hoping for millions, so that our representatives will be forced to listen to us.  We will be an educated and angry mob hell-bent to take back our country peacefully.  Glenn gave us our first action step, which is to be an example in your individual life.  He pointed out that if you are in debt, get out of debt.  We need to take personal responsibility so that we can hold DC responsible.

It was a very motivating speech and then the book signing started.  This is the second time I have attended a Glenn Beck book signing.  It was great getting to shake his hand and thank him again.  This time, though, I added something else.  I held Glenn’s hand to make sure he heard me and I said, “Glenn, I am part of another non-existent group: gay conservatives.  We stand with you too.”  Glenn looked me in the eye and held onto my hand and pulled me towards him and said, “God bless you.”

When it comes to freedom and the Constitution, it really does not matter who we are.  We are all in this fight together and it is going to take each and every one of us.  Thank you to Glenn for being our inspiration!   I just finished this as news broke that the Senate got the 60 votes to move ReidCare into debate – now more than ever – WE ARE AT WAR!

UPDATE:  The Villages paper, The Daily Sun, reports that 25,000 people were in attendance – I guess I was a little off. 🙂


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