Harry Reid Ready To Inflict ReidCare On America

The Mouse of the Senate surrounded by the jackasses - especially Franken

Tonight Senator Reid has introduced ReidCare that comes in heftier than PelosiCare at a whopping 2,047 pages and a cost of $849 billion.  This version barely resembles the bill that came out of committee.  Reid added an insurance exchange to the bill that contains the government option, which should keep Olympia Snowe from voting for the bill if she is a woman of her word.  She is a RINO, so I doubt it.  The bill also contains the abortion funding, although Reid has cloaked it in an unusual way.  This bill offers a side-by-side option that allows the individual to choose whether they want abortion coverage or not.  Meaning that the government will still be funding abortions with tax payer dollars.   The MediCare cuts exist in this bill as well as the income tax increases on the wealthy.  Supposedly, the CBO will be announcing that ReidCare will reduce deficits by $127 billion.  This analysis does not include the MediCare funding cuts to doctors though that will have to be made up with tax dollars.  Or we could just not pay the doctors and see how quickly they retire.  This also does not take into account that no entitlement program has ever cut deficits and usually ends up costing 200 times initial estimates.  But why bother with details…

Senator Reid said tonight during the announcement, “Tonight begins the last leg of this journey.”  Yesterday, Reid claimed that this bill would be the best of all the bills we have seen and that if we are not “impressed, we should be.”

I am not impressed.  Obama welcomed Reid’s action, saying, “Today, thanks to the Senate’s hard work, we’re closer than ever to enacting solutions to these problems. I look forward to working with the Senate and House to get a finished bill to my desk as soon as possible.”

Senator Mitch McConnell’s response was, “The bill has been behind closed doors for weeks.  Now, it’s America’s turn, and this will not be a short debate. Higher premiums, tax increases and Medicare cuts to pay for more government. The American people know that is not reform.”

A vote on whether to start debate on the bill is expected to come before the week ends and then the Senate breaks for Thanksgiving.  This means we have work to do over the Thanksgiving break making sure that ReidCare never comes to a vote and if it does, that it fails.  We cannot allow these socialist elitist pigs to foist this on our country!  I am sorry for my verbage, but I am done with these people.  Damn near all of them.  Did anybody else notice that the Repubs gave up the ghost on Judge Hamilton who believes that judges can amend the Constitution from the bench and that he thinks the Founding Fathers expected that?  This guy will be one seat away from the Supreme Court and the lily-livered GOP gave up.  Stand up you fools!  Are we the only ones who care out here?  You can be just as gone in 2010 as the Dems.


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