Ronald Reagan Comic Book Coming Soon!

I know that I am a girl and should not be a fan of comic books, but I have loved them since I was kid.  I loved having such great visuals to go with such great stories.  I loved them all from Archie, horror genre and, of course, the superhero comics.  I am a DC person, but do enjoy the occassional Marvel and independent.  I know comics are not for everyone, but soon there will be a comic that every conservative will want to have a copy of not only for themselves, but for their kids as well.  There is no better way to introduce indoctrinated kids to one of the best American presidents – Ronald Reagan – than a comic book.

Bluewater Productions will be releasing Political Power Ronald Reagan, written by Don Smith who has made a name for himself interviewing creators and performers in the world of science fiction, comic books and entertainment with, ToyFare magazine and Wizard Entertainment. He now has jumped to the “other side of the table” as a writer for a bio-comic about Ronald Reagan as part of Bluewater Productions Political Power series. The issue, penned by Smith, was illustrated by Scott Woodward. The cover art was provided by award-winning artist Azim Akberal.

Don Smith joins me on the Freedom’s Wings Show on Thursday at 6pm ET.  We’ll discuss the comic book and the story of Ronald Reagan. The website asks, “Was the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire?” Was President Ronald Reagan at the right place and right time when it collapsed? Or was he one of the shrewdest occupants of the White House? Find out how this Mid-Western-turned-actor-turned-President went from B-movies to orchestrating the total collapse of the Soviet Union.”  You do not want to miss this!  Find out more about the comic here.  And listen to the show here.



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