Newt Gingrich Helping With Another “Contract With America”

Upon hearing that Newt Gingrich is advising on another “contract with America”, I find myself screaming “NO!”  Gingrich helped pen the first Contract With America, which was highly successful and appeared to get the Republican Party back on track.  Now the GOP has backslidden once again – how many times do we have to put up with this – and Gingrich wants to help with a new contract.  The reason why I have no desire for Gingrich to do this work is that he is not a loyal conservative.  He has been proven to be a man who does what is politically expedient to his purposes and for the Republican Party.  Even if that means backing an ACORN endorsed lefty claiming to be Republican like Dede Scozzafavva who ran in the NY23 race.

And with Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC, leading the way on this new contract I find myself doubting that this will make the change in the GOP that conservatives are demanding.  I do not trust empty words on paper anymore.  I observe the deeds of a group and judge them by those actions and the GOP has yet to prove that they are interested in going back to their conservative principles.  They have made the first step by claiming that they will stay out of races until after primaries have been finished.  We’ll see if that proves to be the truth.

Gingrich had the following to say this weekend at C-SPAN’s Cable Center Class about this new endeavor, “I’ve been talking with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.  He is developing a first principles model that I think is a very exciting , positive step in the right direction.  By September , it might be very, very good for the Republicans in the House and Senate to have a common ground on which to campaign, whether they call it a Contract for America or some other device.  Having a positive set of things that say, ‘if you elect us, these are the positive steps we will take that may well be the key building block to really become the alternative party, not the opposition party.  If the Democrats stay stuck over on a very left-wing program and if they continue to have a job-killing record in Congress, I think by September and October you could suddenly have a very exciting election.”

Gingrich is ready to go forward with four principles, which are as follows: “The No. 1 issue is jobs… The No. 2 issue is energy… The No. 3 challenge… replace the big government monstrosity that they passed on Saturday ( a reference to the Democratic-led House healthcare bill. “The No. 4 challenge is education.”

National security seems like it should be on this list before education and even healthcare reform, which has to pass anyway.  And does anyone believe that Gingrich plans to deal with the criminal invaders in this country?  They are connected to jobs, national security, healthcare and education.  They are detrimental to each.  Gingrich, go back to your American Solutions (which I no longer link to) and stay out of this conservative battle.  We can handle the Democrats just fine, we do not need either you or Steele.


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