Rationed Healthcare For Elderly Already Starting

Our government is trying to convince everyone that H1N1 is a huge threat to all of us and that we all need to be getting vaccinated.  They have emphasized that pregnant women, children and the elderly need to be vaccinated and will be vaccinated first.  If you have a pre-existing health condition that would increase your risks if you contract H1N1, then you are also heavily encouraged to get vaccinated.  Unfortunately, the government is running the H1N1 vaccination program like they run everything else – very poorly.  Thus, there are very few vaccine shots available.  This has lead to…wait for it…rationing.

I heard a story on the radio of a man who wrote Rush Limbaugh that he has a medical condition that required his need for an H1N1 shot according to his doctor.  There was a problem; however, because his doctor only had three shots available and so this gentleman was going to have to go through the system to get permission to get the shot.  It turns out that the man was too old and sick to be given the shot and that this county was focusing on pregnant women.

I would have thought that story was either preposterous or isolated if it were not for my personal experience.  My seventy-something mother-in-law has emphysema.  While she was visiting a couple of weeks ago, I attempted to find a place where she could get a shot.  Shots here in my area were only being given to pregnant women.  She figured when she got home to her doctor she would easily be given a shot.  After all, her doctor is out of National Jewish, which is the premiere lung hospital in the country.  Guess what?  She was denied a shot because of her age.  They are only giving shots to younger people.

Now I do not know if this is happening in states across this country, but obviously it is happening in several cities.  And this all lends credence to the fears that elderly people have been expressing at townhalls about rationed heathcare for them and to the death panels that liberals are trying to convince us are just figments of Sarah Palin’s imagination.  The truth is that ObamaCare will lead to rationing beyond a doubt and common sense tells everyone that it is the aged and sick who will be pushed aside because they will not be “worth” it.


One response to “Rationed Healthcare For Elderly Already Starting

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