Unions In ObamaCare Fight

I have an inside view to the manipulations of the unions in relations to their membership because my partner receives the IAM Journal.  The IAM is the AFL-CIO, which is SEIU.  They are all one in the same.  This quarter’s publication is all about the ObamaCare debate and obviously is very one-sided on the issue.  We have all seen media coverage – at least on FOX News – of the antics of the unions at townhalls and ObamaCare rallies.  Here is the picture included with this publication:

Union pic

Wow, look at all the homemade signs these people brought out.  Okay, so maybe the organizers of the event provided some signs.  Grassroots groups do that occasionally.  (Of course, the last time a grassroots group provided me a sign it was a paper plate stapled to a popsicle stick…) Which organization provided the signs?  This picture is small, but the top of the blue signs read, “SEIU Change That Works.”  There’s that Obama change for you.  I really do love the homemade signs that were brought though, particularly the one that claims healthcare that is accessible, affordable and adequate is a civil right.  That’s why healthcare coverage is included in the Bill of Rights…wait a minute…  And then there is the sign reading “Healthcare for Grandkids.”  How lovely.  I wonder if grandpa realizes the bill this ObamaCare will burden his grandkids with and I wonder if he knows what sCHIP is all about.

People are wearing pins as well.  The guy in the front has one that reads “Free Choice”.  ObamaCare will sure provide that as it creates the government monopoly that will become a single payer system.

I wonder if these well-informed union people realize a glaring truth in the House Bill that recently passed.  I wonder if the union leadership realize it as well.  Cadillac health insurance plans will be taxed across the board to pay for ObamaCare.  Cadillac plans are only purchased by the rich, right?  Oh no.  The definition of a Cadillac plan is a plan that includes dental and vision insurance and prescription drug coverage.  Most middle class workers who are members of unions have Cadillac plans.  I know we do in this middle class union home.  (Yes, I gagged on that “union home” part.)

The article in the IAM Journal states that “Others – like the right-wing media (read FOX News), GOP politicians and the insurance lobbyists who line their pockets – want the American people to believe the system works fine as it is.”  What a lie!  Who has said that?  Everyone has claimed we need reform, but not the type of “reform” ObamaCare is bringing.  And then there is this gem – mind you this is coming from unions who finance Democrats heavily and are behind the scenes we have witnessed and experienced in person at townhalls and rallies – “They’ve resorted to their same evil, skin-crawling tactics sure to strike fear in the American public.  They’ve hijacked community centers, high school gymnasiums and stadiums across the country – with lies of ‘death panels’…’socialized medicine’…and ‘rationed care’ – and turned them into everything short of knock-down-drag-out fighting rings.”

Bwahahahahaha!!!  Hmm…pretty sure those were SEIU guys beating up the black conservative in St. Louis.  And who was that guy that bit the finger off the elderly gentleman at a rally…oh yeah SEIU!  And who are the people who show up to Democrat townhalls and are given most of the seats – SEIU and AFL-CIO.  And who is trying to brainwash their union members into thinking that they need to destroy the perfectly good plans they all already have to make sure that 20+ million uninsured people are required to buy insurance or go to jail?  That would be the unions!


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