Tea Party Express Comes To End In Orlando

101_0373There was an Autumn chill in the air as the Tea Party Express rolled into Orlando, but that did not stop the patriots from coming.  At least 6,000 to 7,000 people were in attendance for the final stop on the Tea Party Express bus tour.  And we were not disappointed as the Tea Party Express pulled out all the stops with speakers we have come to know very well.  There was Kenneth Gladney, who you might remember as the black conservative beat up by SEIU thugs in St. Louis.

There was Katy Abrams, who was just your average American citizen until she stood up at Arlen Sphincter’s townhall and called him on the mat and informed him that they had awakened a sleeping giant.101_0368

Tea Party Patriot founder, Amy Kramer, spoke along with ResistNet.com’s Darla D. and Patriot’s Heart Network founder, Chalice spoke as well about her group’s work with the eligibility issue.

Lloyd Marcus performed some of his great music including the American Tea party Anthem.  I had the pleasure of getting my CD autographed and getting a photograph taken:


I also had the pleasure of meeting Mark Olsen, the author of Animal Colony, whom I interviewed on the radio show last month.


It was a huge success and has set us up to issue pink slips to those in Washington DC who still refuse to listen to us.  We are out here.  We are great in number.  We are not weary.  We will only get louder and stronger.  As Rick Santelli infamously declared, “President Obama, are you listening?




2 responses to “Tea Party Express Comes To End In Orlando

  1. Thank you for posting on Katy Abram. Am a big fan!

  2. Thanks for this… really good post 🙂 … thanks

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