Political Correctness Is Destroying Us

For years we have been living under a political correctness filter that is now endangering our lives.  I am either more sensitive to it since 9/11 or the country has fallen down further into this rabbit hole.  The events at Ft. Hood shine a light on this painful truth in America: Our political correctness is destroying us.  And this is not just the case when it comes to Islam and Jihadists, although that is the most glaring example.  Our political correctness has led us to elect a panty-waist leader who has become an apologist to the world.  We’re sorry for being prosperous and Capitalistic.  We’re sorry for being free.  This apologist attitude has left us whimpering at the door of Iran.  Iran will have the nuclear weapon in time and we will be left living under a fear that the Cold War never instilled.  At least the Soviet Union cared a bit for its people.  Jihadists and Muslim extremists – who are the norm, no PC here – do not even care about their own lives.

Political correctness has given way to a zero tolerance zoning in schools that leaves six-year-olds expelled for having Boy Scout equipment with them and teenagers with survival gear losing college prospects.  Political correctness has led us to push God out of the center square because we do not want to offend anyone.  How dare we Christians wish someone “Merry Christmas”.  Now we have winter festivals and Xmas decorations.  We take down the ten commandments and yank prayer out of school, unless you’re a Muslim.  Little old ladies are given the full pat down at airports, while dark-skinned men wearing turbans are ignored.

Political correctness keeps people from speaking their minds, which erodes our free speech.  Sometimes that free speech may hurt, but it is a fundamental right that this country is erasing.  The Fairness Doctrine seeks to make talk radio more “fair” and keep conservativism from sweeping the internet.  Political correctness keeps people from telling the truth and then sometimes it is too late.

Political correctness is a fundamental problem in this country and the Ft, Hood Massacre only shines light on that fact.  Freedom’s Wings is a no PC zone, so I say what I want and welcome others to do the same.  I have never erased a comment or edited it except for profanity or being spam.


6 responses to “Political Correctness Is Destroying Us

  1. Amen, Sistah! I will not be silenced in my own home. I have freedom of speech whether the left likes it or not. I’m sick to death of having to bow down to “tolerance.” It is the Islamic Fundamentalists one and only one purpose: to kill the infidels unless they convert to Islam – that’s you and me baby and they will stop at nothing. And Obama rama lama ding dong wants to be their friend. I’m sick of it.

  2. I could not agree more. The term political correct is an excuse that many will hide behind. The agendas that are put forth by people are their agendas, not mine.

  3. People need to get over getting their feelings “hurt”. I agree with you this PC crap is for the birds. I am one of those little old ladies that was pat downed at airport in Huntsville, AL last month-which I didn’t care-better safe than sorry, but there was also 3 or 4 obvious non-Americans- & they were not searched.

  4. Too many people in this country hide behind political correctness in practically the same way religious extremists (read: terrorists) hide behind human shields (read: noncombatant women and children). It’s time for it to end.

  5. So true

  6. Its sad but very true. Political Correctness is out of control,and the government,more and more,is dictating what we can and cannot say.
    I oppose homosexual marriage,but if I say that publicly,I’m socially outcast and declared a bigot.
    This is not the same America I used to know,and it kils me to have to say that but its true.

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