House Democrat Fools Pass Healthcare Bill

These fools running Congress have no idea what they have just unleashed on this country. Several Democrat leaders extolled the wonders encased inside the ObamaCare Bill that just passed the House this evening. I find myself wondering what exactly they are referring to. Could it be the unconstitutional individual mandate that will fine and jail people for not purchasing health insurance? Or is it the part that prevents people from purchasing private insurance after 2013? How about the $1.2 trillion price tag? Or is it the funding of veterinarian education? The huge cuts to Medicare and dismantling of Medicare Advantage perhaps? The soon to come rationing and control of our bodies by the government maybe? No, I’m sure it is the 111 new bureaucracies this bill sets up.

The House passed the bill in a 220-215 vote.  One Republican RINO joined the ranks of the Democrats to give PlastiGirl the ability to claim that the bill is bi-partisan and that was Joseph Cao from Louisiana.  Thirty-nine Democrats stood for some principles and voted against the bill.  It is believed that the “magic bullet” that helped get the bill passed was the passage of Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) amendment, which barred plans that cover abortion from receiving federal subsidies.  This helped convince some Blue Dog Democrats to vote “yes”.

On a day that we commemorate the fall of the Iron Curtain, we just watched the House begin building one here in America.  This is a sad day indeed for America.


4 responses to “House Democrat Fools Pass Healthcare Bill

  1. Well spoken! Take a look at my blog and see what I wrote as well.

    This is indeed a sad day for America as we knew it.


  2. Diane…
    As with so many headlines of late I find myself with a heavy heart. The shootings here in Binghamton, The shootings at Fort hood and Orlando, hr1388 a few months ago, hr875, hr45… the list goes on and on.

    While any sane person understands the aforementioned actual murderous attacks on our citizenship are/were possible… I think we reasonable folks prefer to put the possibilities of such actions someplace in the hidden parts of our mind until someone one day forces us to face them.

    THAT is bad enough.

    I suspect that is also where average Joe and Jane America find themselves in respect to the actions of Capitol hill. The average citizen is still plugging their ears, shutting their eyes tight, and repeating “This can’t happen in America, This can’t happen in America…” over and over as they shake their heads from side to side.

    The screams of denial are deafening.

    One day, and I am afraid we are very close, we will wake up and the America so many have fought and died for will be dead along with those that so heroically tried to defend her.

    Is it too late to reverse the murder of that many of us hold so dear?? I honestly do not know.

    I see we have only one hope… WE THE PEOPLE. It is imperative We the People wake up at a much quicker rate than we have been seeing lately.

    Until We The People realize, as a majority, our supposed representatives are every bit as murderous to our way of life as those those who did the same via a loaded weapon… nothing will change. Every one of the representatives that supported these Bills attacking our way of life as Americans are murderers. They are murderers in the very real meaning of the word.

    The only difference is the demented minds that actually pulled the trigger caused Red blood to flow.

    Our Representatives are causing the same death flow of Red, White, and Blue.

    Your deeply saddened good friend and fellow warrior attempting to end this insanity,

    Fred, AKA Foosis.

  3. foosis…well said. I’m certain your words epitomize the thoughts and the anxiety we are experiencing today after the series of horrific events which have occurred over the past week (which absolutely include the outcome of Congress’s activities last night) which, understandably, can only compel us to wonder what lies ahead.

    Take heart and let this only strengthen our determination and resolve to maintain the resilience necessary in our struggle to overcome this evil. We must and we will. It is our moral responsibility. We can not and we will not succumb.

    I was once a solder and I am still a soldier and I will always be an American soldier.

  4. It does my heart good to read so many think as I do. Not to the point of complacency, let’s hope that the gravity of the situation our country is in sparks the motivation for everyone who has a concern to speak out, stand up and be heard.

    I am standing up! All of the soldiers who died for this country have not done so in vain, at least I hope they did not. Because if this passes the Senate, gone will be the very way of life they defended.


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