RINOs, RINOs Everywhere!

My. my, my how the RINOs are erupting all over Washington DC and beyond.  First, we have the bafoons in New York choosing Dede Schozzafava as the Republican candidate.  Then Newt Gingrich endorses that move and defends his decision by claiming he had to for the good of the Party.  I have since removed the link to American Solutions from all of my websites and have no use for Gingrich who appears to be a RINO.

Lindsey Grahamnesty two weeks ago wrote an Op-Ed with John Kerry in support of Crap & Tax and claimed that he was not a part of the angry white guy group, referring to the conservatives within the GOP.  Grahamnesty and John McCain have been big proponents of Amnesty and supported TARP.  And now…Eric Cantor has entered the fray of RINOs.  These people do realize we are taking names?

Cantor is calling for the GOP to be more inclusive.  I really have no idea what he is talking about because his comments appear to be pushing conservatives out of the GOP.  He took issue with Rush Limbaugh referencing Hitler when discussing actions of the Obama administration and said, “Do I condone the mention of Hitler in any discussion about politics?  No, I don’t, because obviously that is something that conjures up images that frankly are not, I think, very helpful.”  He went on to take issue with other harsh rhetoric coming from fellow House Republicans and claimed that the recent elections proved that we must stay unified.  Somehow I do not think he means including conservatives and following our lead.  As long as they stay out of touch with us, the GOP will remain split and they will continue to lose races.  And we will keep this up as long as it takes for us to get back a Party that values the Constitution and conservative values.

Bloomberg reports:

Cantor was critical of Republicans such as Representative Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, who called the Democratic health-care plan a greater threat to America than terrorists, and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who took fellow Republican Olympia Snowe to task for voting with Democrats. Pawlenty later said the Maine senator is “absolutely welcome” in the party.

Cantor defended Snowe, saying she “is talking to Democrats the way she does a lot, the way we all do.”

The House and Senate, Cantor said, are “plagued by a political mandate” from Democrats. “The only time that you would have a chance to get an insertion in the bill is to talk to a Democrat.”

Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good-bye Cantor…


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