Can We Trust Muslims In The Military?

Yesterday’s heinous attack at Ft. Hood Texas from a Muslim soldier that left 13 people dead and another 28 wounded begs the question of whether we can truly trust Muslims serving in the military.  We obviously cannot ban them because we have Freedom of Religion in this country, but can our troops function well when they have doubts about the Muslims in their midst.  This is the second high profile case of a Muslim soldier attacking his comrades in arms.  Not all Muslims are terrorists, but every terrorist has been a Muslim and indeed Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a terrorist.  The mainstream media and his family are trying to paint him as a lonesome loner who was mistreated by fellow soldiers for his beliefs and that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, but the truth will prove to be something quite different.

Already we are hearing reports that he praised homicide bombers at various websites and that he declared “Allah Akbar!” before he started murdering innocent people.  And how does someone who has never seen battle get Post Traumatic Stress?  And the theory that he was afraid to be deployed to Afghanistan rings hollow because he was going to be serving in the medical field and would never see the front lines.  But he definitely had qualms about fighting against fellow Muslims and he was against both the war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan.  And his years of hearing horror stories about war from patients is no excuse either, otherwise we would have military psychologists everywhere taking up arms.

It is important to note that his parents are of Palestinian descent and there is much turmoil between Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East and we are seen as being on the side of Israel although this President is trying to change that.  Whatever reason this waste of human skin had for committing his act of cowardous, the fact is that Americans need to get serious about the Muslims in our midst (we have had several cells pop up around the country) and the military needs to get serious as well.  And possibly rethink their policy of not arming our soldiers on base.


9 responses to “Can We Trust Muslims In The Military?

  1. intracoastalbob

    Good article! Islam is really not a religion, but uses religion to get control of peoples minds…
    Islam is a Ideological creed that has deceived Obama (who calls himself a christian?) bigtime.
    Go to and read my blogs on Islamic terror, the real enemy that we need to name…
    Some muslims, at great peril to their lives have forsaken Islam.
    Would that they all would see the demonic truth about Islam and run.

  2. More should have been done by the Army as well as by the Department of Defense in recognizing and identifying the potential risk posed by Hasan. Those like myself with extensive military service can easily recognize that some measure was taken by the Army to preclude him from continuing much longer in his capacity as a professional military career officer. The poor rating he received on his most recent OER (Officer Evaluation Report) was essentially a career ender. But in my professional opinion, it was not enough and it was not soon enough. It’s already become apparent that the red flag was raised on this human time bomb before now and more than once.

    There are other cases which provided the learning points and precedents over the past several years which, if appropriate consideration and attention had been given to them, should have prevented this from happening.

    Did we not learn anything from SGT Asan Akbar who lobbed grenades and fired his M4 automatic rifle into three tents filled with sleeping commanding officers at the 101st Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade operations center in Kuwait, killing and maiming his fellow soldiers?

    As a side thought, I wonder how much blood transfusion was necessary to keep him alive and how much of it was provided by blood donors who were soldiers right there at Fort Hood. I wonder if any of it which kept him alive was given by any of his victims or their family members. I also wonder how much of such blood bank supplies must be used up in medical facilities in Afghanistan to keep enemy combatant Taliban and Al Quaida members alive after they sustain life-threatening injuries.
    Can we expect the same kind of treatment from them?

  3. As I continue to think about this, I suddenly find myself unable to avoid conflicting thoughts. This Muslim madman was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in three weeks. If he had actually deployed there he might have been working in the same medical facility where my son is currently deployed as a medical laboratory specialist. Oh my god…

    • I have the same thoughts John. How about the doctors who had to work on this waste of human skin? Did they know he was the bastard? How hard for them…

      • Diane,

        The one thing to understand though is that a doctor has an oath. It may be difficult because of personal emotions, but the man not withstanding his heinous act, needed to receive the medical treatment so that he may face trial. One can only hope the next time first responders will double tap after hitting center of mass, and put one in the melon so that the healing from this unthinkable act could begin.

  4. Patrick Lindquist

    My heart goes out to those American service personnel killed, wounded and mentally scared by this horrific attack by an officer of the United States Army who swore an oath to protect his nation and constitution.

    I am not an American citizen but I grieve with you as a friend and neighbour. I have the greatest respect for the American people and its institutions that this incident had brought a 60 year old man to tears. I lived through the TV ‘dinner time’ war of Vietnam – this horror tops anything in my memory.

  5. watch your backs these assholes can’t be trusted,

  6. watch your backs this muslim bunch can not be trusted.

  7. Knowing islamic barberick history, I state ‘Only good muslim is Dead Muslim’. The western politians must stop patranising these assholes.

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