Freedom Of Assembly Goes Down In Flames In DC

Today, 75,000 American citizens protested in Washington DC against the House’s new version of the ObamaCare Bill that they plan to vote on this weekend.  The event started with a rally on the Capitol steps and then the protesters entered the Capitol to confront their representatives in person and expressed their desire to have this piece of crap go down in flames.  Several protesters were rewarded by being arrested at the request of their representatives.  So much for our freedom to assemble, particularly when this assembly took place in the People’s House.

At Joe Lieberman’s office, nine protesters were arrested after conducting a sit-in.  Apparently, twenty protesters marched into the senator’s office in the morning and demanded to speak with him and their requests were denied.  My former stomping grounds of Colorado has graced DC with another representative who saw fit to have his constituents arrested.  Democrat Michael Bennet had the Capitol Police arrest protesters who showed up at the office at 10 am for unlawful entry.  And a crowd outside of Nancy PlastiGirl Pelosi’s office who were singing “God Bless America” and chanting “Kill the Bill” were arrested for unlawful entry and unlawful conduct in the hallway.

What a sad day in America to realize that those sworn to protect the Constitution not only completely ignore it, but work to destroy it.


One response to “Freedom Of Assembly Goes Down In Flames In DC

  1. The facts are clear. Democratic gains in the House of Representatives in 2009 were only 10% of their gains in 2008. The end is near for Pelosi and her ilk.

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