Does White House Care If ObamaCare Is Constitutional?

Today, a reporter asked the White House Spokesmoron Robert Gibbs whether White House lawyers had reviewed the individual mandate that is present in both the Senate and House’s healthcare bills. Gibbs responds to the question was, “Not that I know of. I don’t think it has gotten to the point where anybody questions the legitimacy of it.”  What?!  He does not think this has gotten to the point where anybody is questioning the legitimacy?!  Now I know the White House, including this dim bulb, has spent much of the summer maligning protestors at tea parties and questioners at town halls, so we know they know that people are questioning ObamaCare.  And specifically questioning how ObamaCare fits into the Constitution.

Senator Orrin Hatch is on his way out of the Senate if We The People are successful, but he did make some great points in reference as to whether forcing Americans to buy health insurance is Constitutional.  He said, “But here would be the first time where our government would demand that people buy something that they may or may not want.  And, you know, if that’s the case, then we didn’t need a ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ all we had to do is have the federal government say you all got to buy new cars, no matter how tough it is on you. You know, they could require you to buy anything.  And that isn’t America. That’s not freedom. That’s not constitutionally sound. Now, there may be some gimmicky way that they can do this, but I can’t think of a gimmicky way that would be constitutionally justified.”

The reporter who was questioning Gibbs continued by asking, “Well, Orin Hatch questions the legitimacy of it.”

Gibbs responded, “Well, you should ask him.”

The reporter then asked, “Do you not feel there is any concern at all about whether it is constitutional for Congress to impose a mandate?”

“No,” Gibbs answered.

If not for the months and months of the Obama administration demonstrating that they do not care about the Constitution, nor what Americans want from their government, I would have found this dialogue between the Spokesmoron and the reporter unbelievable.  It does not matter what the Birthers claim about Obama and whether he can or cannot present a birth certificate.  He is illegitimate as a President for his betrayal of the oath of office and his sincere disregard for Constitutional principles – our founding principles.


One response to “Does White House Care If ObamaCare Is Constitutional?

  1. wow we’re on the same page today… that’s the exact thing I decided to write about

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