Mark Olsen, Author Of “Animal Colony” On Show Today



Mark Olsen joins me in the first hour to discuss his book “Animal Colony”. Conservatives like Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal are reading it! We will discuss why he remade a classic like ANIMAL FARM in the first place, whether or not the U.S. is actually on the brink of socialism, how the government, doctors, and drug companies are failing to fulfill their duties, how current federal exercise recommendations are ineffective, how sick care entitlements are driving us to bankruptcy and how the diet industry is scamming consumers.

Mark Olsen is a screenwriter, author of four solo novels and writer of four collaborative novels including the bestselling biblical thriller Hadassah, which was adapted into the Twentieth-Century Fox motion picture One Night with the King. His credits also include co-writing the MGM film Music Within, and the Bethany House novels Hadassah Covenant, Rescued, The Assignment, The Watchers, The Warriors, The Long Road Home and Ulterior Motives. Mark is the son of Baptist pastors and missionaries to France and a graduate of Baylor University in Professional Writing.  He co-authored this book with Dr. Thomas A. Rexroth.

Join us for a fascinating discussion.  Check out the book at their website.


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