Cap And Trade Losing Ground Internationally

We are continuing to win in this climate change battle that has morphed in the past decade from a few scientists touting junk science and a panicked Al Gore to a full-fledged false world crisis that has promised to destroy economies – mainly the United States economy – and gather everyone under a global government.  But awakened Americans have put the stops on any form of Crap & Tax here in America, stalling legislation in the Senate.  And apparently movement on the world stage is coming to a halt as well.  There have been fears raised in regards to the planned Global Climate Summit scheduled in December in Copenhagen.  Rumors are swirling that the Climate Change Bill contains language that includes all countries signing off under a global government.  Americans have believed that President Obama would gladly sign off our country’s sovereignty under the bill, but it would appear that is not the case.

On December 10th, President Obama will be in Oslo to accept his unwarranted Nobel Peace Prize.  This means that he will not be in Copenhagen, for sure, during part of the summit.  And the UK’s Times Online is reporting that the President has no plans to be in Copenhagen for the summit at all.  The President does not feel that a firm bill will be in place and he realizes that he wields no power over countries like China and will not be able to get them to reign in their carbon output.  If these developing countries are not on board, then America cannot be on board.  I imagine the flaming left everywhere is fuming over this continuation of Bush policy.  The President must hate the planet, right?  Shall I call this broken promise 1,789?

Here is what The Times Online is reporting:

Chinese and Indian resistance to mandatory carbon emission limits has so far proved an insurmountable obstacle to crafting a successor to the Kyoto Protocol that is acceptable to the US. America has also slowed the process through its reluctance to accept climate change science or the carbon cap-and-trade mechanism to combat global warming.

Only 57 per cent of Americans believe that there is strong evidence that the world has grown warmer in recent decades, down from 71 per cent a year ago, according to a new poll. Partly as a result, the White House is having to wage a vote-by-vote battle in Congress for a climate change Bill that would embrace cap-and-trade. The Bill will not be signed into law until next year at the earliest but is considered essential for any global deal.

There are times when it feels like we are not making headway, but it would appear that climate change legislation is going to go absolutely nowhere!  And the world will observe Obama on center stage gloating about his greatness and grabbing his prize, while he snubs the rest of them.  Perhaps they will finally realize who Obama truly is at his core.


3 responses to “Cap And Trade Losing Ground Internationally

  1. We can not take it for granted that cap and trade will not go anywhere. With everything that is going in Congress right now, we must remain vigilant and let our Congressman know that we do not support cap and trade. Visit to write letters and voice your opposition.

  2. I definately agree, but I did want to point out that we are making a difference. If our resistance helps keep Obama from signing a global climate bill, then we are winning. But we definately cannot rest on our laurels because we know how sneaky these progressives can be.

  3. They epitomize sneakiness. But I think some of them are just crazy. As far as the Nobel Peace Bribe, it is going to be funny to watch Obama accepting his prize for not doing what he was supposed to do in order to get it. I hope it pisses them off. But they’ll probably just blame the American people for standing in Obama’s way of selling us out to them. Can’t wait until they see how we’ll have him dancing to a different tune after the 2010 elections. I’m sort of thinking that we ought to just go ahead and start getting Dick Cheney ready to run for president just for the hell of it. That should get their hackles up.

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