Net Neutrality Gains Ground

The federal government does not feel it has enough control yet as it absorbs banks, businesses, healthcare and the like and so it is now going after the internet.  Conservatives like myself have been warning for months about the Fairness Doctrine, which would utterly destroy the radio talk show business.  This is basically legislation that would give the government the ability to decide who runs and owns radio stations and thus, what types of programs can be aired on radio.  Our warnings worked and the government backed away from the Fairness Doctrine, but as we all know, these policies do not go away, they just morph into something else.  Net Neutrality is one of those morphed policies.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

As phone and video services have migrated online, the FCC has struggled to stretch its authority over new technologies. The FCC’s net neutrality proposal, driven by Chairman Julius Genachowski, is the strongest move yet by the federal government to assert control over the rules of the road on the Internet.

Google and AT&T have been embroiled in a battle over the net neutrality proposal, which gained ground last week when FCC Commissioners unanimously voted to move forward net neutrality and will be manipulated in the coming weeks into a policy that will be crammed down the throats of internet users and providers.  This is a forerunner to government control of the internet.  Keep in mind that the President has already granted himself emergency control over the internet and has a Cyber Czar to police the internet.  These net neutrality rules will enforce that power.

Google supports net neutrality because it gives them farther reach.  High speed internet will have to be provided to all areas of America and internet services will be unable to block anything on the internet, specifically Google.  Google, incidentally blocks whatever it pleases or works against conservative websites like Atlas Shrugs.  Google is also in bed with GE, which puts them in bed with the Obama administration.

The Wall Street Journal also reports:

AT&T and other Internet-access providers want latitude to manage traffic on congested wireless networks and freedom to devote a chunk of their wired networks to selling more expensive services. Internet providers are worried regulators are assuming veto power over their efforts to develop new revenue streams from their Internet lines.

Google and other Internet companies fret that phone and cable companies will hobble their efforts to offer competing services online or will try charging them more for better connections to consumers.

Google wants phone and cable companies to deliver all traffic equally, so carriers can’t get in the way of it offering consumers high-definition TV shows or movies on YouTube or phone services like Google Voice.

This would all be a great idea if not for the fact that the government is getting involved.  And anyone paying attention to the FCC knows that its new head thinks Hugo Chavez is great and applauds his revolution.  The FCC also has a board where Democrats outnumber Republicans.  The Progressives are slowly powergrabbing everything they can and we need to wake up and fight it to save our freedom.


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