Sarah Palin Not As Rogue As She Claims

Sarah Palin’s biography, Going Rogue, is slated for release in November.  The book is already outselling all other books in pre-sales and breaking records.  But one has to question just how rogue Sarah Palin is with the announcement that she will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on November 16th.  My libertarian balloon just deflated!  Going on Oprah is what all book hawkers do.  Obviously, appearing exclusively palinon Oprah means huge book sales, but Sarah obviously does not need the appearance.  The pre-sales are proof of that.  So why go into the hornets nest?  Does she want to get stung?  My God, Oprah was out on the campaign trail for Obama!

I seem to remember a time when Oprah balked at her staffs appeals to have Palin on the show during the campaign.  And then I also recall that Palin snubbed Oprah about doing an interview.  I love capitalism and think Palin should be able to make boatloads of money on her book, but is she not selling out by going on Oprah.  Some might claim that Palin is using Oprah to boost herself, but it appears more to me to be about money and publicity.

I was a huge supporter of Palin, but when she quit as Governor of Alaska I started to re-access my support of her.  This appearance on Oprah has me wondering once again.  One thing is for certain, Palin is a great money maker for the GOP and a great spokesperson for conservatives, but she will never be able to run for President.


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