Illegal Alien Costume Does Not Offend Me

Criminal invaders crossing into my country offends me.  A costume that is a parody on the term “illegal alien” does not offend me.Illegalcostume The costume comes as depicted in the picture with an orange jumpsuit and a green card.  It has caused a great deal of controversy and stores like Target are pulling it from their websites.  Several immigrant advocate groups are calling on other stores to do likewise.  One woman who represents an immigration rights group in LA said, “It’s distasteful, mean-spirited and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform.”  My irreverent sense of humor says that this costume does no such thing.

The current debate is over whether this country should make the repeated mistake of granting these criminal invaders amnesty.  Our country has done it before and it has lead to utter failure.  President Reagan claimed that his signing off on amnesty while he was in office was one of his greatest mistakes.  True immigration reform never took place and now we have millions of illegals streaming across our borders bringing disease and crime, while quality people seeking to immigrate to America are left waiting for years.  There is no doubt that the immigration system is broken, but amnesty is not the answer.

These illegals need to grab a costume and head back to where they came from because if I had my way, that orange jumpsuit would be their real attire and they would no longer be contributing to the construction of substandard buildings, roads and committing crimes while living off Americans, they would be in jail waiting to get shipped back home.


One response to “Illegal Alien Costume Does Not Offend Me

  1. Saw a t-shirt with an angry looking John Wayne it said, “now why should I have to press 1 for English.”

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