Cult Of Personality Fails To Land Olympics

It was all but assured.  If President Obama flew to Copenhagen and pushed for Chicago to be chosen to host the Olympics in 2016, than Chicago would win without a doubt.  How could the cult of personality that is named Barack Obama fail at such a simple task?  The mainstream media and the libtards are befuddled and stunned.  How could this happen to their star?  Obama is hope and change.  The world loves Obama.  They were confident this morning that Chicago would win.  Michelle Obama had delivered a slam dunk performance.

Many of us conservatives are stunned as well.  Earlier this week on the radio, I commented that either President Obama needs some new advisors or the administration already knew that they had this bid for Chicago in the bag.  A failure to land this win for Chicago would be humiliating for the President and tarnish his image.  He could not possibly make such a mistake.  Especially considering that Oprah Winfrey had dropped everything for this and Michelle Obama was also going to be there.  A huge carbon footprint was going to be created.

Now it would seem that our President’s arrogance was not well founded.  His apologies for America have not improved our image in the world.  This was an epic failure – Chicago got the least amount of votes.  This was a true exercise in reality for our President and indicative of the cult of personality that he has become.  Everyone wants their pictures with Obama and to shake his hand, but when it comes to the hardcore affirmative support for America, the President cannot bring it.  Now let us apply this scenario to something that really matters: Iran.  If the President cannot convince the world to back him on the Olympics, how is he going to get that support for our efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions?  No wonder Iran laughs at the President.  He comes off as a panty-waist when he warns Iran that they better cooperate or else…we’re going to be really miffed!  And then he cannot even land the Olympics.

The cult of personality proves to have a fatal flaw – he is impotent.


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