Boxer-Kerry Crap And Tax Bill

No one thought it was possible for the Senate to propose a worse climate change bill than the Waxman-Markey Bill, but Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry have accomplished that feat.  Emission restrictions are even more severe in this new bill.  Government spending has been increased as well.  And the typical Democrat tactic of leaving gaping holes in legislation to be filled in later have also been implemented.  There are no details in regards to how emission permits will be granted and the EPA administrator has been given discretion to decide who will be given allowances.

Does anyone believe that these special allowances will not go to politically connected groups and big corporations that have the government’s ear?  This is just more of the same with increased regulations that will increase our energy bills and wreak havoc on the energy industry.  Our shorelines continue to be ignored for drilling here at home, shale in the Western mountains is ignored and nuclear power is still a bad word.

This government is only serious about increasing their power and sticking it to the little people.


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