Obama “Talks Tough” To Iran

Nuclear talks with Iran went well today if you believe the President.  That would be true if a “constructive beginning” indicates success, which is the description the President expressed this afternoon.  The President announced, “Talk is no substitute for action.  Our patience is not unlimited.”  Does anyone truly believe the President?  The Iranian leadership must be laughing at this revelation.  Iran has toyed with the world for years and the response from the world has been to do nothing.  Why would Iran end their nuclear ambitions?   Obama also warned that “the United States will not continue to negotiate indefinitely and we are prepared to move toward increased pressure.”  The President seemed to be referencing sanctions, but the G20 and United Nation’s Summit from last week proved that sanctions are not going to happen, at least not the kind of sanctions that would add real pressure.

The President expects Iran to allow inspection of their newly declared nuclear facility in two weeks or else…Or else what we do not know, but it will be interesting to watch our President have to back up his empty rhetoric with something.  It is laughable to consider that the President expects transparency from Iran, which is something he does not allow the American people in regards to his administration and personal history from school records to associations.  Iran’s new facility is near the city of Qom and Iran maintains that it is intended to enrich uranium to produce nuclear fuel.

I think Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it best when she remarked today, “It was a productive day, but the proof of that has not yet come to fruition, so we’ll wait and continue to press our point of view and see what Iran decides to do.  I will count it as a positive sign when it moves from gestures and engagements to actions and results.”  I will believe it when I see it in regards to both Iran’s actions and the President’s reactions.


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