America’s Nightmare Ends Now

As a freedom-loving individual, I abhor anything that attempts to destroy that freedom or abridge that freedom in any way.  There is a Progressive movement afoot in the country that is attempting to do just that and it seems to me that the slumbering majority of Americans have awoken to a nightmare.  Many people accuse me of being racist or just plain hating the President because of my criticism of him.  People apparently cannot get beyond that point enough to realize that it is the ideology, the policies, the friendships and the lies that I am critiquing.  And this is not just about the President.  This is about a Progressive history that permeates community organizations, the court system, Congress, local government, public education, the media and Hollywood.  These groups believe that our sacred documents are fundamentally flawed and living – thus they can be changed and need to be changed.  The three branches of government are sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Unfortunately, they have become the domestic threat.

I have said that our President wants to be friends with America’s enemies, which must mean that he is the enemy.  I believe the same is true for the entire government save for a few souls who still hold to our Founding Principles.  What can we do when it seems that we are surrounded and that there is nothing we can do to change our circumstances?  A woman on Rush Limbaugh’s show today expressed this same feeling of outrage and slide into hopelessness, but then she pulled herself up and remarked that we are winning.  It does not matter that the media pays us little attention and when they do it is to poke fun.  Limbaugh let this woman speak for at least ten minutes uninterrupted and she spoke for millions of people.  The only thing she got wrong was that she insisted that we needed Rush to inspire us and give us hope and Rush was quick to point out later what was obvious about this caller.  She was the inspirer.  Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levine and the like can help keep us informed and motivated, but it is We The People who make the real difference.

We can stop the nightmare and we already are splitting the Progressive movement at the seams.  Government healthcare is going nowhere do in large part to our efforts on the ground.  The year 2010 is looking to be a year of great transition and real change for America.  ACORN is being defeated and crying like a baby as it loses funding and lashes out at those who have brought this giant down.  Obama’s czars are being brought into the light and revealed one-at-a-time for the Marxists and traitors that they are.  One has fallen and more will follow.  Community organizations of  every variety are falling under scrutiny.  Congress has been hearing from us very clearly and boldly.  We are bringing God back into the public square.  Americans are taking back their country.

The world is moving to the right and so what sense does it make for America to move to the left?  That makes about as much sense as Michael Moore calling capitalism “evil” even as he makes money off of the documentary dedicated to that ideology.  Common sense is making a comeback.  Americans will not long bear public schools that indoctrinate their children to worship a human leader.  Americans will not long bear a government that spends their children’s future.  Americans will not long bear a movement that drives to erase their children’s freedom.  If not for us, we must do this for the children.  We must educate and empower ourselves and each other.  We have been given unalienable rights from God and no one can or will take those away.

What can you do?  If you are still on the couch, get up!  Most people are off the couch and just need to continue what they are doing.  Something as small as talking to neighbors and family, emailing your representatives, calling the White House switchboard, making a sign and attending a rally all make a difference.  The greatest difference takes place inside of you as you realize that the power of the government lies within you.  We can end America’s nightmare now before it is too late.  We will end the nightmare!


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