Obama Moves On To Important Work Of Olympic Bid In Copenhagen

The President has spoken once in seventy days to General McChrystal in Afghanistan.  He has placed the General’s request for more troops on the back burner.  He has more important items to deal with: like Chicago’s bid for the Olympics in 2016.  The vote takes place in Copenhagen on Friday, so the President and First Lady will be flying there Thursday night.  Is this appropriate for a sitting president?  Is this appropriate at a time when the world is in turmoil and states are reporting record job losses just last month?  Is this appropriate when considering that many in Chicago would rather not have the Olympics come their way along with the expense of hosting the Olympics?

Fox News in Chicago ran a segment voicing the opinion that the Olympics were not welcome.  The Drudge Report is reporting that, “The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast ‘would harm Chicago’s chances’ to be awarded the games.”

Obama will not only be joined by the First Lady, but also Valerie Jarrett, puppetmaster one, and Arne Duncan, the Education Czar.  Mayor Richard Daley said, “President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama symbolize the hope, opportunity and inspiration that makes Chicago great, and we are honored to have two of our city’s most accomplished residents leading our delegation in Copenhagen.  Who better to share with members of the International Olympic Committee the commitment and enthusiasm Chicago has for the Olympic and Paralympic Movement than the President and First Lady.”  GAG ME!  Hope and inspiration for a Marxist utopia I guess.

It will be interesting to see how this ends.  Will Obama’s rock star image be enough and how will these other cities feel if they are passed over because Obama heavy handed this Olympic push?


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