Iran Thumbs Its Nose At World – Begins War Games

The world really put Iran on notice this past week at the United Nations.  Iran is so worried about the world’s threats of sanctions and President Obama’s threats of more diplomacy that they have taken it upon themselves to begin war games the very week that they are scheduled to take part in a meeting with world leaders to discuss their nuclear program.  The Financial Times is reporting, “Iran maintained its defiance on Sunday, launching war games with short-range missile tests and warning that the uproar over its second uranium enrichment plant would undermine this week’s talks with world powers.  Official media reported that the three-day manoeuvres by the elite Revolutionary Guard would also include test-firing the longer-range Shahab 3 missile that raise concerns in the west.  Iran says the missile, which has been tested in the past, has a range of 2,000km, putting within its reach Israel and US bases in the Gulf.  The war games come at a time of rising international furore over Iran’s nuclear programme and growing suspicions about Tehran’s claims that its nuclear activities are purely peaceful.”

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said about Iran’s announcement that they would allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect their recently announced second nuclear reactor, “it is always welcome when Iran makes a decision to comply with the international rules and regulations, particularly with respect to the IAEA,” and that she hopes Iran “comes and shares with all of us what they are willing to do and give us a timetable on which they are willing to proceed”.

Oh, they are sharing their intentions alright!  Are these people blind?  I truly believe Iran has no intention of allowing its reactor to be inspected and these war games are specifically being used to show the world that Iran does not care what we think or desire.  Pres. Ineedajob said as much when he heard President Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Brown of Britain criticize Iran for building this new reactor in violation of international law.

The most worrisome thing here is that there appears to be no good outcome.  Either the world allows Iran to become a nuclear power or they allow Israel to take care of this issue, which will launch World War III and I believe will lead us into endtimes prophesy.


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