Wow, Obama Gets Everyone To Agree To No Nukes, Non-Binding

The leftists are tripping over each other in their rush to praise President Obama in his ability to get the United Nation’s Security Council to agree unanimously to clamp down on nuclear weapons and start dismantling stockpiles.  James Carroll of the Daily Beast wrote, “Obama becomes the first U.S. president to chair an extraordinary session of the UN Security Council, with its nations represented by heads of state, not diplomats…It tips Obama’s hand that, because of him, the word disarmament is back. It is not too much to say that the United Nations was founded to deal with the atomic bomb.”

The New Republic’s Michael Crowley wrote, “Clearly, that’s not how Rahm Emanuel, who’s looking a little antsy, would like to schedule the president’s time. But that’s exactly why today’s session is so important, if only in a symbolic sense…The hard work of nonproliferation involves a lot of dull meetings and treaties.”

Matthew Bunn of Harvard commented, “Obama has taken a terrific step…The resolution puts the Security Council squarely behind an agenda that includes tougher responses to violations of nonproliferation treaties, stronger inspections, a ban on nuclear testing, an end to all production of nuclear materials for nuclear weapons worldwide, and steps toward the ultimate goal of a world without nuclear weapons.”

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder claims the resolution tangibly advances the cause of global nonproliferation and he also praised the President for bringing Russia further than they had ever come in the area of sanctions against Iran. 

The problem with all this praise is that it is as empty as the resolution, which is non-binding and doesn’t sanction anyone.  The only teeth in the measure comes when a state leaves the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  They are required to return any technology that has been supplied to them by other states.  Wait a minute!  Who the hell is giving these states nuclear supplies?  Oh I am sure it is just for energy, right?  The resolution also called out Israel to push them into signing the treaty.

Can liberals and the President be this naive?  None of these countries are going to dismantle.  Of course they signed up because America has volunteered to go first when it comes to disarmament.  The United Nations has proven to be another waste of time and money again.  This really turned out to just be another photo op for the President and another empty attempt to cushion his achievement list.  The real work of this resolution has been pushed off until April where nothing will be achieved again.  Every G20 follows this same path.  Talk alot, take pictures and then push everything forward to the next meeting.


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