ACORN, The Unions And Obama

The trifecta of corruption, insider community organizing and crime is oozing towards the surface of an Alinksy/Chicago government thugocracy like pus drawn from a wound.  Our initial worries over some unholy alliances of candidate Obama with the likes of  Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright were just the beginning of what we would discover after Obama became president.  We did not pay as much attention to the groups that Obama associated himself with and worked for, nor the groups that filled his campaign coffers.  Or should I say that mainstream America did not pay attention.  Now they must after several tapes have surfaced via Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart’s of an undercover operation within ACORN proving that this community organization has more than just voter fraud charges to worry about.  Currently five offices from several different states in America have been taped offering advise in how to engage in criminal activities like money laundering, tax evasion and underage prostitution.

ACORN has flown under the radar for decades.  The Presidency of Barack Obama has brought an illuminating light over the inner workings of ACORN.  During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, allegations of voter fraud surfaced as dead people were registered to vote and even cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse.  ACORN had sent out young people to get people registered to vote and they threw those young people under the bus claiming they were rogue employees when the allegations came to light.  The media quietly dropped the story and everyone moved on.  The Obama administration would later reward ACORN for all their hard work in getting him elected with putting them in charge of the government 2010 Census.  No mainstream media made mention of the voter fraud charges again although nine states have charged ACORN employees with crimes and convicted thirty of them.

Now that FOX News and Brietbart have aired the undercover videos over the past week, the country is paying attention to ACORN again and has become outraged.  Mainstream Media elite like Charlie Gibson continue to ignore the story, pretending they no nothing about the story even as the Census Bureau has ripped away the census count from ACORN and the Senate voted 83 to 7 to de-fund ACORN and the House is expected to do the same thing.  Any promised Porkulus funds have been stopped.  It is important to note that of the seven morally bankrupt Senators who voted to continue funding ACORN, two of them are from Illinois.  It is also important to note that President Obama is from Chicago, Illinois and worked as a lawyer for ACORN and trained their employees.  The President has made no comment himself about these new allegations, but the Spokesmoron Gibbs has stated “Obviously the conduct you see on those tapes is completely unacceptable.  The administration takes accountability extremely seriously.”  Are these just more rogue ACORN employees?  At what point do we stop considering these people rogue and assume that this is how these people are trained; Trained by people like Barack Obama; Trained to follow the Alinsky, Rules For Radicals?

Then there is the matter of the labor unions and their connections to all of this.  Obviously, unions are Democrat financiers and they heavily padded Obama’s campaign fund.  Obama spoke before ACORN and the unions before his inauguration promising them that they would be brought to the table to help plan his agenda.  One of those agenda pieces is ObamaCare and ACORN has lobbied heavily for Obama on that.  Obama speaks regularly before the unions, most recently on Labor Day and also yesterday.  He spoke before the United Auto Workers this week as well.  The SEIU turned out at August townhalls to push ObamaCare.  The former head of ACORN, Dale Rafke who had to leave the organization in 2000 after embezzling one million dollars from it, now is the head of the SEIU.  His brother Wade Rafke still heads up ACORN.  The SEIU and ACORN share the same headquarters in New Orleans.  And the AFL-CIO works with ACORN as well pushing other charitable community organizations like the United Way.

There can be no doubt that ACORN, the unions and Obama are heavily linked to each other.  Many people that are part of the Obama administration are linked to these groups as well.  The Communist former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, now works for the SEIU.  Hard working, middle class Americans pay dues to these unions who turn around and screw these same employees via the government.  No country can mix these groups and have anything but corruption and cronyism as the result.  It is no surprise that freedom is eroding and government intrusion is growing.  The job of community organizations is to follow the Marxist plan of taking from those that have to give to those that do not have and will not work to attain it.  They want their own idea of social justice.  And because so many Americans walked blindly into the polling booth and pulled the lever for “history”, we find ourselves in an epic battle that will be hard to win.  All of these groups are heavily funded.  ACORN alone has received $53 million dollars in federal money over the years and responded unconcerned over Congress’ move to de-fund them replying they receive plenty of private funds.  And since they work hand in hand with unions who bilk laborers heavily, there will be funds available there as well. 

We must also keep in mind that ACORN is just one piece of the puzzle.  The New Orleans headquarters houses hundreds of organizations all working under the umbrella of ACORN, but hidden in plain sight.  We must clean out the corruption in Washington!  We have dealt a blow to ACORN, but it will rise again.  We must continue and we must call on the White House and Congress to investgate.  Not just these organizations though.  We want our representatives investigated as well.  Who else is connected to all this muck?  I believe we should start with Illinois and Vermont.  All four Senators from these states voted in favor of ACORN and we must know why.  We must also call out the media.  Stop watching and reading until they decide to start telling us the truth and investigating instead of bloviating with their biased agendas.


5 responses to “ACORN, The Unions And Obama

  1. Well said, Diane. You are right on top of this. You haven’t missed a thing. I believe there are simply too many dishonest people who are just as aware of these things but simply don’t want to talk about it. Obama campaigned as a community organizer and it was his community organizing activities along with his ties to ACORN which was proudly touted as his executive experience which somehow qualified him.

  2. There is no way around it, we have to remove the democrats and or republicans that vote for these corrupted groups such as Acorn and for more and more spending of our tax money. 2010 is coming and we need to make our votes count.
    Very good post with good information!

  3. He’ll find out what happens when lots of pissed off moderates and conservatives hit the voting booths next year. It will be reminiscent of a scene from an old Frankenstein movie when mobs of angry villagers carrying torches and pitchforks came after the monster and his creator.

  4. “trifecta of corruption, insider community organizing and crime is oozing towards the surface of an Alinksy/Chicago government thugocracy like pus drawn from a wound”

    I love that! Can I use that, Diane? Please.

  5. John, you can use any of my stuff to your heart’s content. I just love calling these groups and Obama pus. LOL!

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