Serena Williams Brings Shame To Tennis

All I can say is, “What was she thinking?”  Yesterday, Serena Williams was playing against Kim Clijsters in the semifinals at the US Open.  On match point, a line judge made a horrible call and gave Williams a foot fault penalty.  Williams foot was not over the line.  I can understand the frustration and I imagine she was angry with herself as well since she was not playing as well as her opponent, but what happened after the erroneous call and led to a point penalty that gave the winning point to Clijsters even shocked John McEnroe.  After the foot fault, Williams berated the line judge and hurled some insults.  Then she returned to the line to finish her serve and again turned back towards the judge and laid into her some more with expletives and even telling her, “I’m going to shove this ball down your f**king throat!”  Rumor has it that she also threatened the life of the judge.  When the chair umpire called the judge over to see what was said, he gave Williams a point penalty.  So she lost without swinging her racket.

I like the Williams sisters.  They have done great things for getting people back to the sport of tennis and have been an inspiration for young girls, particularly those of color.  What happened yesterday though makes me wonder what goes on in the mind of young phenoms.  Tiger Woods recently lost it during a match and threw a club and has yelled at observers too many times to count.  As if a person of his caliber cannot focus amid distractions.  Players rountinely lose their cool in tennis and have “words” with the chair umpire, but this was beyond the pale.  It brings disgrace to a sport that is known for its decorum.  It brings disgrace to a sport I love.  I grow weary of all these sport figures who are rewarded far more than they should be when they have their temper tantrums, commit criminal acts, sleep around and just become morally repugnate people.  Kids are watching.  Unfortunatley in our society, movie stars and sports figures are the ones kids want to be like. 

Serena, we all know it was a bad call.  Channel that frustration into aceing the next serve, not lowering yourself to the level of a street thug.

4 responses to “Serena Williams Brings Shame To Tennis

  1. no, we dont know it was a bad call. if seen video that shows she did in fact foot fault. you seem to be apologizing for her, dont do that! she should have emerged from that locker room last night and apologized to everyone involved. rather she chose to dodge questions and act like a childish little brat. she deserved much more than being assessed a point penalty and i hope the usta fines her. dont compare her to tiger woods…apples and oranges. and dont bring up race…it has nothing to do with her lack of maturity, her miserable performance last night, or her lack of professionalism. shame on serena!

  2. I didn’t see the event. However, I’m so very
    sorry something like this happened. It’s
    true everyone makes mistakes (like the judge
    made a bad call). Serena may have thought
    the call was intentional; that is no excuse to say
    the f word or curse the judge so loudly that you
    can be heard. I hope this thing will get proper
    attention and put everyone’s ego back in it’s
    place. This is really a shame.

  3. I totally agree with Arleen! Serena Williams was totally lacking in class! Imagine someone like Chris Evert or Martina Navratilova behaving in such a boorish manner! Serena doesn’t deserve to play in a stadium named for someone (Arthur Ashe) who was so representative of good sportsmanship! Shame on Serena, a talented but tacky athlete!

  4. That is terrible, why did she do that? I know it might have been a mistake, but com’on…

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