Patriotic Resistance Takes It To The Battlefield Of D.C.

Today is the day – a day that will go down in history much like the Boston Tea Party.  We The People will stand in solidarity in cities across America with those that have taken the fight to Washington D.C. for the March On Washington.  No longer will the government be able to ignore the tens of thousands of angry citizens who represent millions.  No longer will the mainstream media be able to pass us off as a few right wing extremist nutjobs.  We are the majority!  And we are winning.  Czars are brought into the light and must leave in Marxist shame and now ACORN has been revealed and the census has been ripped away.  The momentum is building and they are shaking in their boots in Washington. 

I will be here today and will, of course, have video to follow – no LIVE show today:

Lakeland 9/12 TEA Party
Lakeland, Florida
Saturday, September 12, 2009
11am – 4pm
Lake Mirror Amphitheater
121 South Lake Avenue
<!–RSVP Count 17


The Conservative Alliance Media Network is running full coverage from across the country and you can listen to it at Click the banner at the top.  Also check out for coverage of events and what to do next.  You can also find a tea party near you there.  If there is nothing close by, please, please, make a sign and stand on a street corner.  We need every person on the street to force this government to follow those they represent.  For more information specifically on the March On Washington go to: 

I join with you my fellow patriots – we will win back our country!  Let’s win one for the Gipper and Jefferson!


2 responses to “Patriotic Resistance Takes It To The Battlefield Of D.C.

  1. Glory be! Despite the mess we got to clean up, I have never had more confidence in my country than right now. I don’t care what the media experts label these people, these are the people who are protecting our country from elected incompetents that pretend to tell us what little they know.

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