LIVE Blogging Obama Healthcare 9/9/09 Speech

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Here it comes, the President’s big attempt to save his Presidency!  Oh yeah – here comes Michelle – gag!  Michelle is surrounded by a bunch of people who want to complain about the healthcare they have received here in evil America with the worst healthcare in the world.

Looks like a State of the Union – is this an indication of how important this is?  Do or die?  Ahh, he comes…finally!  Egad, PlasiGirl announces him and more clapping – you kiss ups!

Obama is confident they have pulled the economy back from the brink – they did it?!  Yeah right!  TOTUS is doing a good job so far – no snaffooze.  He is calling this our collective failure that we don’t have healthcare reform.  Cut the crap and tell us what you are going to do Obama!  Why does he insist on telling us what we already know?

We’re the only wealthy nation on the planet that gives their citizens such hardship the President claims!  What a liar!

He says our healthcare problem is our deficit problem.  Would everybody shut-up with the clapping, this is not the State of the Union.  Your President is going down with 52% against his ObamaCare.

The President says now is the time for action and no more bickering.  Now is the time to deliver on healthcare he claims.  This will provide stability for insured and uninsured and cut the costs.  These are his three goals and this incorporates plans from everybody across both aisles.

Nothing is this plan will require us to change what we have as our insurance now.  I assume he is speaking of a new plan that is different from HR3200.  It will be against the law for insurance companies to drop your coverage.  They can’t place caps anymore annually or lifetime.

New insurance exchange – he is talking about now and everyone will be able to bargain as groups.  Are these co-ops?  Immediately offer low cost insurance to people who are sick and need insurance now.  He credits John McCain with this idea.  Individuals will be required to carry basic insurance – or what?  That’s government for you, they will have everybody insured because they make you.

Now he says the details need to be hammered out still and everybody laughs!  Shit, I thought we were promised details tonight!  Now President is pointing fingers at the people he calls liars, tea partiers and radio hosts.  he is detailing the lies and debunking them.  He mentions that illegal immigrants will not be covered and somebody yelled, “That is a lie!”  Bravo whoever you are!

Rumor is that Rep. Joe Wilson is the brave soul who yelled, “Lie” out loud.  Obama is going for the heart strings with his soft voice and now his lofty rhetoric is rising to the rafters…

He is going to push the government option!  He is claiming it won’t harm our private insurance and is suggesting the Republicans get on board.  He says he will not back down on public option!  The Republicans are clapping for many things.  Get up and walk out you cowards – this will ruin our country!

He guarantees he will not sign this bill if it adds one dime to deficit.  He thinks he is going to perform a miracle!  Now he wants to talk to the elderly, actually lie to the seniors.  He’s going to push savings on prescription drugs and tells them that their benefits will not be cut.  The damn bill says it is cutting MediCare!

Now he is talking tort reform and referring to the Republicans and Obama says he wants to work on that.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  His plan will cost $900 billion dollars – where is that money coming from over ten years?  He says it will be done using money already being spent, but being spent poorly.  He thinks this will reduce the deficit.  Has he been paying attention to MediCare at all?

Egad, now he is calling on the spirit of Dead Kennedy.  He claims that Kennedy’s passion for government healthcare was not a passion for big government.  What a falsehood!  Kennedy created more big government entitlement programs than any other Senator.  ObamaCare is our calling and our character he claims. 

What a blowhard – no details, more pointed fingers and more lies.  This changed nothing other than convincing us the fight is on because the President wants the government option.  They will not win without reconciliation and if they use that we will storm the capital again.


4 responses to “LIVE Blogging Obama Healthcare 9/9/09 Speech

  1. you are so right!
    and by the way, the person that shouted you lie
    was Rep. Joe Wilson 🙂 go joe!

  2. this guy is going full speed ahead. if you don’t want this imbicile, and others like him, making the most intimate decisions about your, and your families, healthcare ,please stand up and be counted in dc on sat. it may be your last chance to do so

  3. Well, Congressman Wilson has apologized for his bold outburst. Of course, that was the right thing to do, even though he was simply being honest. But I guess it was somewhat inappropriate because I believe he could have expressed himself a little better than that. He should have said “That’s a damn lie!” and should have said it at least two or three times.

  4. You know what? I applaud Rep. Wilson. Yeah, it was also a good thing that he apologized for it, really. But his remark concerning this con-artist’s scheme – that was right on the mark. He’s the only one brassy enough to have the audacity to openly defy the pretendent and call him out. How disappointed Joe probably was that no one else joined him. They should have been throwing spitballs at him, that no-good son of a Kenyan goatherder.

    Whew…that felt good…just had to get that off my chest…

    Who does he think he is? Telling us that if we don’t do this then more will die. Acorn Boy must have been smoking the crack again. Has anyone noticed how his eyes have been looking kinda weird lately?

    I wonder why they don’t want this phase of their “change” to go into effect until 2013. I mean if the health care “crisis” is so bad that it is justified that everyone should go along with having this yet another grab for power mandate shoved up our butts, why don’t they intend for it to go into effect until after Obama’s bid for re-election in 2012? Won’t the piles of bodies and sick people already piled up outside the doors of our hospitals get a lot bigger by then?

    Think he’ll be home Saturday? I was kinda wondering if he might come out and address the political mobsters who will be in town so he can set them straight and clear everything up for everyone.

    No, this guy ain’t the messiah. And he’s not the anti-christ either, though he might think he is. He really is more like the Joker. Where the hell’s a caped crusader when you need one? Somebody turn on the bat signal.

    Way to go, Joe!

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