Defeating The Leftists

An article by David Horowitz at Front Page Magazine states in the final paragraph:

“The only way to defeat the left — and I have failed in twenty years of arguing this to persuade conservatives  — is to turn the table around and attack their moral self-image. Leftists are in fact the enemies and oppressors of women, children, gays, minorities and the poor, and conservatives should never confront them without reminding them of this fact. If Naomi Wolf and her radical friends had their way, America would be disarmed and radical Islam would be triumphant and women would be back in the Middle Ages, and the rest of us along with them.”

This sentiment is so very true, but the minorities in American society continue to cling to the idea that the left is their friend.  While conservatives are the protectors of freedom and the Constitution, which highlights the rights of all people, the left enslaves the poor and oppressed through entitlement programs meant to hold them back and keep them down.  Statistics reveal that communities with Democrat leadership are the poorest in the nation.  Proponents on the left believe in bigger government or rather, government intrusion into our lives.  That kind of intrusion throughout history has lead to totalitarian government systems like Nazism and dictatorships in which millions of people lose their lives.  Many minorities are targeted under these systems.  Jews and gays under Nazism and gypsies in Russia are examples.

Government entitlements like welfare leave people in bondage much in the same way that people lived as serfs in the past.  This is a path to serfdom.  We must educate people about this and we must cut these programs out completely.  Charities and churches are meant to help the disadvantaged and they should take their rightful place now.  People were made to work and they must if they can.  Disabilities only hold back those that allow it to hold them back.  Do these people really want to continue to suck at the teet of the government?  Do they want to be like Oliver Twist asking for “more, Sir?”

And as Horowitz points out, we must confront them with the facts and shut them up everytime they try to label us with some vicious name that does not describe us.  We are not racists or homophobes.  Conservatives in fact have great numbers of minorities in their presence and these numbers continue to swell as America wakes up and realizes we have a Marxist take-over happening in Washington.


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