Counter Rally In Florida To’s Public Option Vigil

Last night I attended a counter rally to an astroturf gathering put together by Organizing For America and  They planned to meet at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando Florida and called the media to make sure their vigil was broadcast.  Several groups of tea party organizations and individuals headed down to Lake Eola to make sure the opposition was represented.  We were slightly more in number than they were and we were truly grassroots.  We carried homemade signs – many made from paper plates stapled to popsicle sticks – while they carried propaganda signs with the same tired Progressive themes.  One even said something about furthering the dream, which I guess meant some kind of socialist dream.  In the middle of the video you will see that we were approached by a man from the other side who told us to “Shut up” and called us shameful.  I guess singing patritoic songs, chanting true reforms for healthcare and telling stories of people left waiting and dead by government healthcare is considered shameful and free speech is only the right of the Progressives.

We were undeterred and made sure that the media documented our presence as well and I was pleased when I arrived home to watch the coverage to see that both sides had equal time although not equal representation, but after all we are talking libtards so one cannot expect concise and intelligent answers to questions.  Our representation in the form of Jason Hoyt was beautiful!  Here is the video I made of the counter rally:

Meanwhile, across the state in Brevard County, Rep. Bill Posey held a townhall that was attended by 2500 people, which caused the group to overflow into an adjacent room.  Not much dissention was present save for the twenty or so supporters outside on the street.  Their grand plans of parody skits about the elderly and death panels, billionaires receiving WealthCare and Big Pharm CEOs seemed to have gotten lost in the fact that very few Americans support a government public option. 

Now the President hopes to use his third healthcare prime time speech to convince Americans that we are just too stupid to figure out that we need and want this government intrusion in our lives.  And the added touch of conducting the speech in front of the entire Congress like a State of the Union Address is just grand.  We are not fooled, oh illustrious leader.  You can try to mess with our children’s brains and indoctrinate us, but that tactic does not work in America where men were born free and will fight for it!


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