We Still Have Work To Do On Crap & Tax

Another poll has surfaced today from the libtards at the Washington Post and ABC focusing on the currently stalled Crap & Tax Bill. Supposedly, 55% of Americans approve of the way President Obama is handling energy issues (pardon me, but what has he done – are we drilling?) and 52% back the Crap & Tax Bill. If this poll is accurate, and we should err on the side that it is accurate, we still have work to do informing the public about what this bill will do to our country. Obviously, these Americans are not informed on the facts.  This bill will kill business and raise their energy bills.  In Florida, we are already in a huge fight to get our skyrocketing energy bills down and that is before this load of dung has passed.  The President promised that his plans would bankrupt the coal industry and that energy bills would go up.  If people would only listen to the President, they would know exactly what he plans to do to this country.  He hides very little.  People just do not want to believe.

Our focus has been on healthcare, but we must be watching everything because these Washington thugs on both sides of the aisle are making deals with the devil.  We have to continue informing the people of exactly what this government intends to do to them and their lives.


2 responses to “We Still Have Work To Do On Crap & Tax

  1. The health care boondoggle is a red herring. Watch for other invasions upon your rights while all that is going on.
    Watch for attempts to muzzle free speech and freedom of expression. That way you cannot oppose him/them effectively.
    Watch for gun control. That way you cannot effectively repel his army that will enforce his dictates.
    Watch for economic destruction. That way he will make you dependent upon his/their agenda.

    Read up on Saul Alinsky, and it will become all to obvious what he/they are doing right under your nose.

  2. I agree with your post. It’s a tactic in their overall strategy, to keep the changes coming fast and furious. And I agree with the poster above too; we will see attempts to take away fundamental rights not by legislation, but by decree of some czar.

    They think if they can hobble the flow of information from conservatives via radio and internet, we will go away. They are shortsighted and I believe they will fail, but not without all our efforts and close attention.

    What concerns me most is the almost-certain manufactured “crisis” that is sure to come, and will provide opportunity for massive grabs of power.

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