Democrats Bringin’ The Astroturf!

The patriotic resistance sweeping across the nation has had such an effect on the political scene and the current cram-down of ObamaCare, that the Democrats are running scared.  They were completely unprepared for an American people that knew how to organize.  The progressive left has always believed that protesting and community organizing was their domain.  They were wrong.  They have called us “racists”, “right-wing extremists”, “mobsters”, “functionally retarded” and “astroturf”.  But we are not astroturf, which to the left means a movement funded by powerful Republicans and politicians and organized by special interests.  We are everyday Americans who could no longer sit on our couches as we watched socialism gain a stronger foothold in our country.

The real astroturf is coming to a town near you in the next couple of weeks.  The left does not have enough support from regular citizens and so has to gin up support in just the way that they have been accusing of us of ginning up support.  The Democratic National Committee and a group named Organizing For America have planned hundreds of events to take place between now and the time when Congress returns to work in September.  The Politico is reporting that the plan is “to hold more than 500 events…ranging from neighborhood organized phone banks to professionally staffed rallies with hundreds of people.”  Professionally staffed rallies?!

Another special interest group will be aiding them as well:  Health Care for America Now which is a group pushing to create government-run insurance plan.  “We want members of Congress to get back to work and pass reform that means something. We need affordable care. We need real insurance regulation. And we need a strong public health insurance option,” said HCAN spokeswoman Jacki Schechner. “It’s doable and we expect it to get done now.”

DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said of the effort, “In these last few weeks of recess we want to demonstrate the energy, passion and commitment that the American people have to health insurance reform so that when members return after Labor Day they know that they can turn their attention to getting this done because they have the backing of the American people.”  Which American people?  Over 72% of Americans like their healthcare.  There has been no overwhelming support for ObamaCare at any rallies or townhalls as of yet.

A health-insurance-reform-now bus will travel the country starting Wednesday and anchor events in 11 cities: Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Des Moines, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charlotte, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio.   Any of this new support we see now, will be tainted with the knowledge that it is the true astroturf.


2 responses to “Democrats Bringin’ The Astroturf!

  1. I read their list of cities with interest. You notice that they are steering very clear of our deep southern states-even FL which is surprising since it went for obama. I can understand them ignoring GA, LA, AL, MS, TN since I guess we are small insigificant states. But I notice they also ignore TX & even OK. Let me see if I understand this. They want to drum up support for obamacare & so they avoid the areas that it is most resistant & hit the areas that there is already some support for it? I thought the whole idea would be to get people that are so against to see the error of our ways & come over to their side. Guess I am just too much a stupid, retarded, non-patriot, redneck to understand the logic of going where you have support to drum up support.

  2. They use professionally produced signs and such. Yet we, the people, are “AstroTurf?”

    Yeah right…

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