Special LIVE Broadcast Of Orlando Tea Party August 22nd, 2009

Floridians Unite hosted the March 21st Orlando Tea Party that I covered both here on the blog and on my radio show.  Over 6,000 patriots attended that event.  Now Floridians Unite is hosting another tea party tomorrow, Saturday August 22, 2009, at the same location on the shores of Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.  The event will run from 6pm-8pm ET.  I will be broadcasting the Freedom’s Wings show LIVE from the event at 6:30pm ET so you can enjoy it if you do not live in Florida.  If you cannot listen live, you can always listen to the show in archives on Blog Tak Radio.  If you do live in Florida, please make the effort to join us. 

The Orlando Tea Party website  has more information and reports that “this event will focus on effective actions we all can take to protect our nation from liberty despising politicians and destructive legislation such as Cap and Trade and Government controlled health care.  Strong focus will be placed on the Florida Sovereignty resolutions that have been entered into our House and Senate and we will have declarations of support to sign to help push this legislation through in 2010! A bit of history will be shared with us by a Florida Frontiersman whose passion is the Declaration of Independence!  Also you can expect a moving tribute to our veterans and troops. The one and only Lloyd Marcus will be emceeing and performing and the talented McPhersons who brought out so much emotion in us all on March 21st will do so again on August 22nd!”

To hear the LIVE broadcast:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomswings/2009/08/22/Orlando-Tea-Party-Special-LIVE-broadcast


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