Obama Losing America’s Confidence

Lately, it seems that every day a new poll is released with bad news for the Obama administration.  Americans are losing their confidence in the President as they continue to watch him fumble about due to inexperience in ever running anything in his life and his pursuit of far-left goals for the country.  His message of hope and change has been erased by the same old Washington politics of special interests, unions and big government.  A new Washington Post-ABC News survey released today found that less than half of Americans — 49 percent — say they believe the president will make the right decisions for the country.  That is way down from his nearly 70 percent rating at his inauguration and down from 60 percent at the 100-day mark of the Obama presidency.

There is more disapproval for the President than approval and he does not seem to be listening as he increases his appearances in every media venue he can find and continues with the same rhetoric about a healthcare reform plan that Americans disapprove of  and fear will ruin our healthcare system and their healthcare relationships, particularly the senior citizens of the country.  Conservatives outnumber all other political persuasions and that number continues to grow.  Americans love their freedom and will fight for it.


2 responses to “Obama Losing America’s Confidence

  1. It is important to let our representatives know how we feel, pro or con, about all issues and hold them accountable.

    One area I have heard or read little about is the area of appealing decisions in the proposed public plan.

    Today, if you are insured and have an issue with whether or not a procedure is covered and paid for you can file an appeal and if denied you can get an independent medical review in most states. If you get your coverage through your employer, most employers will intercede on your behalf and assure that the processes are followed and reviews are timely. If all that fails you can resort to the Courts.

    In a public plan run by the Government, who is going to be your Ombudsman? Who is going to fight on your behalf when a coverage decision goes against you?

    Follow this and other health care delivery issues at http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com

  2. Pretendent Obama is beginning to look pathetic now as he attempts to sell this thing to the American people by appealing to our emotions by waxing eloquent as he lectures us on civic duty and moral obligations.

    I’m surprised Michelle has not not started giving her “America is a downright mean nation” speech.

    Yep, it’s becoming more and more apparent to the Pretendent that what he intended to be his signature accomplishment as the Community Organizer-in- Chief will probably not happen.

    This is a problem because without it, he still doen’t have anything noteworthy to put on his resume under executive experience and accomplishments.

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