Obama Uses Religion To Guilt The Masses On ObamaCare

Yesterday, I listened to a special program that broadcast on Blog Talk Radio featuring 40 minutes with the President on healthcare.  I was surprised to find out that what I believed would be the President calling in to an internet radio show was actually a conference call between the President and around thirty religious leaders.  The goal seemed to be to use religion to guilt the masses into buying into ObamaCare.  I found myself asking these religious leaders exactly where in the Bible or any religious book it stated that the people should give their money to the government so that the government could provide charity and particularly healthcare.  That was the core of the story about the Good Samaritan right?

Basically, the conference call was much of the same rhetoric we have been listening to for months with no specific details.  The President just added more talk about being our brother’s and sister’s keepers, which is something he certainly follows as we have witnessed his treatment of his African family members.  The President also continued rolling out his disinformation as fact specifically claiming again that we would not have to give up our plans and doctors and claiming that “nothing we do obligates you to choose our plan.”  Except for the facts on page 16 of HR3200 and the free market common sense, which leads the government to running over private healthcare.

The President ended by going over the disinformation talking points we have heard over the past week calling them deceptive attacks and claiming that the plan does not cover illegal immigrants – except for that part on page 50 – and that abortion is not paid for either – except for the full coverage on reproductive health which would include abortion because history has shown us that amendments need to be added to keep abortion from being included.  Death panels were also mentioned.  We should really just starting calling ObamaCare the “Death Plan” and then we would be more accurate.

How dare the President and these religious leaders call upon our spirituality to push their socialistic garbage.  Socialism leads to Totalitarianism, which is atheistic government.  Never does God tell people to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s so that he can waste it, pocket it and spread the wealth around – exactly what our government has been doing with our hard earned tax dollars.  This government has put itself above God requiring many of us to pay far more than the ten percent God requires of us for Himself.  Shame on you President Obama!  Your tactic has only added fuel to the fire, not guilt.


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