Cash For Clunkers Dead – Part 2

The sequels are never as good as the original and this sequel seems to be going that route.  In Cash For Clunkers 1, we watched a government program save itself from the brink of destruction with an added influx of dollars.  The original was so much better at $1 billion dollars, but the sequel had to be bigger to really blow our minds and so it came in at a whopping $2 billion.  The sequel did outlast the original by a few more days.  Funny thing is, we have the exact same ending.  Dealers standing with outstretched hands to recieve the promised government rebates and no money is forthcoming.  Where exactly is the $ 3 billion dollars that supposedly is funding this government entitlement?  And now we hear that Cash For Clunkers is dead yet again.  Wasn’t this suppose to make it into the Fall?  Most sequels do much better in the Fall.  That is when all the best shows are marketed.

Breitbart is reporting that the sequel comes to an end on Monday at 8pm ET, so be sure to see it before then.  “It’s been a thrill to be part of the best economic news story in America,” Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement. “Now we are working toward an orderly wind down of this very popular program.”  Best economic news story in America?  Wow, the economy really does suck.  Dealers not getting reimbursed, people in over their heads with new cars and a bunch of perfectly useful cars smashed to bits and rendered inoperable leaving the used car business in the lurch as well as junkyards.  Sounds great to me!

Don’t worry dealers because Breitbart quoted the President in an interview Thursday “that the program has been ‘successful beyond anybody’s imagination’ but dealers were overwhelmed by the response of consumers. He pledged that dealers ‘will get their money.'”  And you can trust him because he never breaks a promise.


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