Howard Dean Seems To Claim Republicans Want Obama Dead

Listening to this clip, I find myself wondering if this was some kind of Freudian slip.  Did Howard Dean really just mean that Republicans want to kill the President’s term – whatever that means – or did he mean what he said first and that was that Republicans want to kill the President?  After all, he does go on to mention us angry mobsters right after his questionable comments.  And the press has been having a field day focusing on protestors toting guns to various townhalls, particularly in Arizona.  There seems to be an underlying attempt here to not only make us regular concerned American citizens appear to be crazed lunatics on the verge of starting a civil war, but that we are using townhalls to spread our hate and rhetoric.  Unfortunately for the left, they are full of bullcrap and over half of all Americans are with us and against this creeping government control.  And none of us want Obama dead.


2 responses to “Howard Dean Seems To Claim Republicans Want Obama Dead

  1. Want obama dead? Hell no, at least I don’t. I want his pogroms to fail, as an example to the American people what unbridled government leads to.

  2. Hey there,

    Great blog! Just found you this morning, doing some browsing from blogrolls of others. Congratulations, it’s a great look, and your content rocks!

    As for the above post, I couldn’t agree more, and have thought this from the start. The left wants to put that thought out there, over and over again. The accusation of racism is one of their most oft-used tactics. And they would love for most Americans to believe that conservatives present a threat to him.

    I pray every day for our country. I pray specifically for the safety of President Obama and his family, for if something were to happen to him it would be catastrophic for this country.

    I want him to safely serve out his term (or impeachment would be alright) and be soundly defeated in 2012 by a true conservative defender of the Constitution.

    Going to add you to my blogroll. Glad I found you.

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