Public Option Failing, But Are Co-ops Gateway To Government Healthcare?

Common sense Americans across the country have been rallying against a socialist onslaught that has attempted to bring a government healthcare system to America.  Failure in other countries of a public system has lead most Americans to fear a government take-over of healthcare.  The outcry has been so intense and large, that liberal Democrats and the Obama administration have been indicating that the public option might be dropped from any healthcare reform plans.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius indicated during an interview on CNN this weekend that the government alternative to private health insurance is “not the essential element” of the administration’s health care overhaul. She also suggested that the White House would be open to co-ops.  Co-ops seem to have worked when it comes to electric and agricultural co-ops in rural areas of the country.  But what would co-ops mean for the best healthcare system in the world?  Could these co-ops just be a different route to government healthcare? 

For decades, Progressives have spoon-fed socialism to Americans who have come to embrace many elements that leave America looking more like a socialistic democracy than a Republic.  This has been a tactic that has served them well in the past and it was obvious that the public option being introduced in the healthcare reform debate was a gateway to complete government control of healthcare.  The private insurance industry would have collapsed competing against the government which would have been heavily subsidized and had no need to earn a profit.  Pressure has lead the Progressives to look to a new plan which includes co-ops.  A liberal website promoting Health Democracy explains how co-ops can be implemented to lead to government-run healthcare as: “Yet our agenda is broader than clinics, pills, and surgeries, however. We will also address the public foundations of personal health– clean food, clean water, clean air. And our intent is to more effectively pressure the federal government, by example, to fund a national health system which meets organizational and therapeutic standards set by the Health Democracy movement– much as grassroots pressure set the standards for organic foods,” and, “Co-op health plans contribute toward universal coverage, moreover, because even were universal coverage enacted there would be need for genuinely nonprofit care, to keep costs down. Members of the U.S. Health Alliance will also be ready to defend the national plan from inevitable attacks.”

What seems subtle can lead to chains and we must always be on the watch.  We must learn all the details of co-ops before we embrace such an idea.  And the Obama administration and Democrats must realize that any plan without their beloved public option is not a victory.  That is what they want, they have said so many times including the President and they have masked their true desires in talk of digital records and preventative care to cut costs – which the CBO has already stated will raise costs.  Our healthcare system is not perfect and needs improvement, but not the types of things that the Progressives are suggesting.


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