Townhalls Turn Violent

A young Democrat by the name of Anthony Chergosky wrote the following for the St. Pete Examiner with my comments in blue:

“This is all predictable, as “grassroots” (this is grassroots, but the liberals cannot believe that we are able to use their tactics so effectively against them) organizing efforts have resulted in tea-baggers and birthers (using these tags already shows the bias as we know that birthers are few in number and tea-baggers is the lefts term) attempting to overwhelm members of Congress at town hall meetings. The mobs are well organized and seek to take control of the meetings. (No, these American citizens seek to be heard) In this particular instance, the protesters had been orchestrated by the loony Glenn Beck and his activist group, (Glenn has no activist group.  The 9/12 project is a project and he has nothing to do with organizing meetings or gatherings.  Calling him loony shows the mentality here.) according to the St. Petersburg Times. (This paper is rated as one of the most liberal in America – you may have heard the moderate O’Reilly refer to it many times on his show.) And it’s only going to get worse from here. On Thursday, the head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, compared Democrats to the Nazis and Hitler on his radio show. (Obviously, Rush did no such thing, but the left loves to take him out of context. He was referring to Pelosi’s claim that swastikas are at these events and he said it would only be because people felt that way. Also, the government is using facist techniques like report on your neighbors.)  Want a member of the GOP to criticize him for doing so? Good luck with that. Anyone who has the guts to do so will just end up apologizing to Rush and trying to accept that there’s nothing dangerous about Hitler comparisons. By the way, Rush, thanks for helping to prove Godwin’s law.  My point is that this kind of rhetoric can’t continue without some people starting to get hurt. I’m all for using town hall meetings with elected officials to debate the best path for health care reform. But we’re not seeing debates taking place around the country. These are angry, uncontrolled mob scenes (show me the video of uncontrolled people) orchestrated by powerful special interests. (Conservatives know that we are not “powered” by anything other than love of country. I drive myself to these events and certainly am not paid by anyone.  Those are the left’s tactics – ACORN) These mobs aim to intimidate and frighten.”  (That would be the unions like SEIU that show up to these.)

If people did indeed pound on windows, it was because they were kept from entering and we will be heard.  These leaders are our representatives.  They are chosen and paid to listen to us and they are not.  Leftists can continue to push their lies, but I encourage people like Anthony to attend these events and listen to the people.  This is not about Party or Special Interests, this is about our country and our lives.  Do people like Anthony really want the government controlling us?  Where is there anything in this report about the union groups that were at this event and the fact that no violence started until they showed up?  And one fist fight does not make a violent riot.  Who started it and who was swinging?  These events must stay peaceful, but emotions are running high as we are denigrated to a mob that is unruly when we are simply concerned citizens.  The frustration is apparent as more and more people become disillusioned and frightened of the government and are overwhelmed with feelings of disenfranchisement.


3 responses to “Townhalls Turn Violent

  1. At least ACORN is aptly named because they are nuts. None of this should be surprising; we’ve seen it coming and unfortunately it’s bound to get worse as more and more of our younger generation are “indoctrinated” into our new socialist state.

  2. Well said. The videos speak for themselves. These are not threatening body-builder types asking the questions, they are just regular looking people.

    I expect future “open house discussions” to be to a welcoming pre-selected audience.

  3. Excellent assessment of this assault on liberty and freedom.

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