Obamaism’s Facism Is Waking The Masses

banfascismAmerican citizens across the nation are waking up to the “hope and change” Obama and the rest of the government have brought to America.  The President promised to create a Citizen Corp as well funded as the military.  Why would he need such a group?  To counter the revolt of American citizens across the nation.  The push for a government healthcare plan has our grandparents and parents taking to the streets.  The Community Organizer in Chief has no idea about how to counter his own tactics when used against him.  He does not have the Civilian Corp, or what I call Brownshirts, in place yet so he has had to call in his usual reinforcements from ACORN and the Labor movement.  Anybody else notice that no violence erupted at townhalls until the AFL-CIO and SEIU started showing up to provide “security”?  Anybody else notice that these meetings are no longer open to the public as union members fill seats?  The Progressives in the Democrat Party seem unaware that many in their own Party are turning on Obama and the policies of Pelosi and Reid’s Congress.  The President’s approval ratings are lower than Jimmy Carter’s at this same point.  This President is on track to be the worst President in my lifetime and probably in many lifetimes.

Why is this the case?  Because the American people love freedom at their core.  That is who we are, regardless of Party affiliation.  Government intrusion is unwanted and frightening.  Since the Inauguration of Obama, the government has taken over banks and car companies.  The government has taken over the decision of what amount of salary can be paid to CEOs.  The Federal Reserve has been given sweeping, unprecendented power and is printing money and monetizing our debt at will – which will lead to an incredible financial collapse.  The government’s take-over of the economy has reached nearly 40% of GDP.  The government owns almost half of the country!  It is unsustainable and common sense tells people that their taxes will have to go up.

The government has tripled the deficit with TARP, the Porkulus Bill and Omnibus Budget Bill.  A Crap & Tax Bill sits in the Senate awaiting approval to take over more areas of our lives – our thermostats and driving – and to add more burden to our taxes and deficit.  The government has promised to bring Amnesty which most people with common sense know will cripple our country that is already buckling under the illegal aliens here now.  The Cash for Clunkers program has lead many to believe that the government is buying cars for people and part of the program had dealers logging onto a website that gave the government control over their computers.  This was changed – presumably – after news reports went out.  The government is also asking neighbors to report on each other any type of sedition.  They are not referring to it that way, but dissention from a government or their programs – healthcare reform in this case – would be considered sedition.

This healthcare push has been the final electrical jolt that a slumbering American people needed to awaken them.  People of all persuasions are questioning the contents of a bill that no person in Congress and the President himself have read.  They are conducting press conferences and townhalls to inform us about a plan they do not know the details of, nor do they understand.  And they wonder why we are outraged.  The several hundreds of pages I have perused scare the heck out of me.  Talk of “end of life” counseling for the elderly brings about visions of Facism/Commmunism/Totalitarianism.  We were promised transparency and there is none.  Just veiled language and attacks on American citizens voicing real concerns.  We are called “racists’, “extremists” and an “uncontrolled mob”.  Did anyone believe in January as the starry-eyed Obama stood and took his oath of office, that eight months down the road we would be watching a Dictator in the making trimuphantly changing America forever?  We have seen these things before, but not this quickly or to this extent.  Obama has done what previous Progressives have been unable to do.

We must continue the push back.  We must not be afraid.  They can shut the doors on us, but our voices are loud – especially in unison.  They can ignore us on the streets, but they will hear us in the voting booths.  They can attack and throw to the ground black conservatives, but we will defend each other.  They can pin elderly men to walls, but we will fight on.  Our government will fear us, not us fear them!  They can spread untruths about our the money backing us and the special interest groups carting us in because we know the truth.  We are each other’s neighbors and know that we drive ourselves to these events and are not paid.  I do not want to report emails to the government or private conversations.  I trust the American people because they are me.  I do not trust the government!

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